Prince Harry puts the British monarchy at risk: 15 revelations in his bombshell book Spare

Spare, Prince Harry's bombshell book, threatens to become the most serious threat to the image of the monarchy in nearly a century: let's look at the 15 most shocking (and searing) revelations.
prince harry book spare

Spare, the bombshell book from Prince Harry, threatens to become the most serious threat to the image of the monarchy in nearly a century. Let’s look at the 15 most shocking (and searing) revelations.

“Spare” a reference to the role of second heir to the throne, eternal second behind his brother William, promises to be one of the books of the year. Destined to be talked about by itself and its author for a long, long time.

In nearly 500 pages, in fact, Prince Harry decides to lay himself completely (and sometimes, literally) bare to his readers, violently reappropriating a version of history as it has never been told.

So let’s see in detail what are the most shocking (and often, even hot) revelations of Spare, Prince Harry’s first book. Although one already wonders if he will keep the title after this “cathartic confession”.

The 10 hottest revelations in Spare, Prince Harry’s bombshell book

In Spare Harry traces his 38 years at the palace. Including quarrels, attempts to “subvert the established order” and the latest painful acts around the figure of Meghan.

The prince spares no one at all. And seems truly intent on telling all, but really all, of his truth, even risking in some cases his own personal safety, and his stay in the United States.

1. Cocaine and joints at 17

Harry recounted that at 17 he would do “anything to subvert the established order”. And that he began pulling cocaine strips when he was 17 and then continued occasionally.

He would instead make regular use of joints. One of the most curious episodes, however, is the mix of hallucinogenic mushrooms and tequila made at the home of Courtney Cox.

The declaration of drug use and possession, it was pointed out to him, could at this point jeopardize his U.S. visa.

2. A medium to talk to his mother Diana

Harry confessed that, after the death of his mother Diana (which Charles reportedly communicated to him very coldly, without seeking physical contact or consolation), he was so upset that he contacted a medium. Who, allegedly told him that his mother wanted him to live the life he could not have.

3. Charles’s jokes about dubious paternity

Charles would joke at least once that Harry was not his biological son, but the fruit of Diana and James Hewitt’s relationship:

“He laughed and laughed, although it was an unfunny joke, given the rumor circulating at the time that my real father was one of Mother’s former lovers, Major James Hewitt. Among the causes of this rumor were the major’s red hair, but it was also pure sadism.”

4. Resentment over Camilla

Both William and Harry allegedly pleaded with their father not to marry Camilla, to avoid confrontation with Diana and because of suspicions that she was only aiming for the throne.

Harry, in particular, portrayed her as the image of the wicked stepmother from fairy tales. Even chastising her for turning her room into a dressing room once she left the family palace.

5. An inglorious first time

Harry really recounts many intimate details of his own life. Including his first time, with an older woman, in a field at the back of a bar, which he described as an inglorious episode:

“I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked me and sent me away. One of my many mistakes was to let it happen in a field right behind a busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us.”

6. The 25 Taliban killed

This is one of the most problematic episodes in the book. Because it also poses a serious risk both to Britain and to the prince himself and his family.

Indeed, Harry recounts that he killed 25 Taliban without any remorse, as if they were pawns in a chess game. There has been no shortage of responses both from the military world, of outright condemnation since, in theory, the military is supposed to respect human life. And from the Taliban themselves:

“We are still here to rule; he fled to his grandmother’s palace. He is a loud-mouthed loser trying to get attention. We made history by kicking him and his army out of our homeland, and he is angry about it. I think he has gone mad and needs a doctor immediately.”

7. The frozen penis in the arctic

To stick to the very intimate details, Harry also speaks of a rather peculiar consequence of a charity expedition to the North Pole, during which his penis froze.

Only the return to Britain resolved the situation altogether. On this occasion, Harry also reveals that both he and William were circumcised as children, despite their mother Diana’s opposition.

8. The truth about the Nazi costume

Harry reportedly phoned William and Kate for advice on whether or not he should wear a Nazi costume during a Halloween party. And received a great deal of support from the two, who found the idea very ridiculous. Perhaps too much so.

9. Into the Alma tunnel at full speed

Ten years after Diana’s death, Harry would travel to Paris and ask his driver to drive through the Alma tunnel at the same speed at which his mother Diana had crashed. This, trying to feel closer to her and, perhaps, hoping for death as well.

10. The title of the book from a “joke” by Charles

The title of the book would come from another tasteless joke by his father, now King Charles III, uttered during the prince’s childhood. Referring to Diana, Charles would in fact say to her:

“Wonderful. You gave me an heir and a spare, you did your job.”

A sibling rivalry: Harry’s revelations against William and Kate

Of all the characters Harry rages against, after his father it is surely his brother William, along with his wife Kate. Who is the most frequent target of his confessions.

The rivalry with his brother is very pronounced. Not least because of his role as a potential rival to the throne. It marks a severe blow to the common British imagination about the relationship between the two princes.

11. William drunk at his own wedding

According to reports by Harry. William was reportedly heavily drunk shortly before his own wedding, and his breath smelled of rum. Harry would then give him a mint to try to cover the smell.

12. William’s bald patch

There is also no shortage of cheap shots in this book, such as the reference to William’s decidedly pronounced balding. Harry links this to the ceased resemblance between his brother and his mother. But it is clear how this is a genuine outburst.

13. The physical confrontation with William

William allegedly called his sister-in-law Meghan difficult and grumpy, and then, at Harry’s remonstrances, started a real physical confrontation. Lifting him by the lapel, he would also break his necklace and drop it on the dog’s crock pot.

The British media’s image of the two siblings ready to do anything for each other and support each other has definitely faded.

14. William and Kate Suits fans

Somewhat apprehensive about introducing new fiancée Meghan Markle to his brother and sister-in-law, Harry would have been very surprised to discover them huge fans of the series Suits, in which Meghan had starred.

15. Kate made Meghan cry before the wedding

Kate, Harry reports, would always be very impatient with Meghan, even refusing to lend her a lip gloss on a public occasion.

The most serious act would be a few days before the wedding, when she allegedly objected to the size of little princess Charlotte’s dress, demanding a new one and making Meghan cry on the floor.

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