New TV developments have been disclosed

Elizabeth Smith

The live streaming television took part in the most important International Consumer Electronics Show – This year’s edition, which has just ended, has been a record-breaking one for Las Vegas CES, the most important international consumer electronics show, that never fails to set new trends in the fi eld of technology.

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, CES attracts those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers. Over 4,500 companies – among which 1,200 start-ups – have showcased thousands of products in front of an audience of 180,000 insiders, including a delegation of Le Fonti, the live streaming television with an all-news broadcasting service focused exclusively on economic, fi nancial, legal, and infotainment topics around the clock, 24/7. «I was quite impressed by the presentation delivered by Sony’s CEO – Kenichiro Yoshida.

During his forty-fi ve-minute speech he has neither mentioned, nor shown any products», commented from Las Vegas Guido Giommi, President of Le Fonti. «A change of strategy for the Japanese electronics giant. Obviously, technology still constitutes a central element but, at the moment, what matters the most are experience and contents. It is precisely on these aspects that Le Fonti Tv is concentrating on. We are focusing on contents, formats and high-level personalities in preparation for an offi cial presentation, which will take place in the spring time and will unveil the new tv programming schedule».

Le Fonti, whose work has always revolved around excellence, leadership and innovation, couldn’t miss the chance to attend an exhibition which hosted over 4,500 exhibiting companies, including 44 Italian startups operating in the fi elds of wellness, food, smart city, robotics and much more. Among the Italian excellences who participated at CES 2019 there were: a device capable of purifying the air in enclosed spaces, which was invented by three boys from the North of Italy, a wearable equipment to mak e driving safer and a robot-vehicle which is able to autonomously deliver packages. «It’s the ideal opportunity to see our companies emerge and to pick up new global trends», added Giommi. After attending the MIPCom in Cannes, the most important exhibition in the market for entertainment content, Le Fonti continues its international activity to anticipate trends, especially but not exclusively, in the television industry. After Las Vegas, Le Fonti will host a series of its LeFonti Awards, which will take place in Milan on 28 February at Palazzo Visconti, on 6 March at Palazzo Mezzanotte and in Hong Kong on 29 March.

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