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Everyone is capable of handling three key resources: money, information, and time. Nowadays information is more important than money, however time has been always the most valuable resource

Everyone is capable of handling three key resources: money, information, and time.

Nowadays information is more important than money, however time has been always the most valuable resource because of its nonrenewable and non-reversible nature Any modern person is capable of handling three key resources: material assets (money), information, and time. The human society used to assess the value of these resources differently at different stages of the evolution. Nowadays, people tend to attach more importance to information rather than to money. However, time has been always the most valuable resource because of its non-renewable and non-reversible nature. In the XXIst century, people share the viewpoint that time has become a precious asset. Indeed, demand for this resource greatly exceeds supply. For a trader time has even more value.

However, a speculator appreciates time and information above anything else in the list of priorities. In this context, traders choose a broker by the only criterion. They judge whether a broker is ready to save clients’ time and share truly helpful information. InstaForex, a broker operating in financial markets for over 10 years, rests on the following three principles: We save your time, We share information with you, We earn together. The company claims its commitment to this motto.

Let’s find out whether it is true. TIME: THE ONLY NONRENEWABLE RE SOURCE It is common knowledge that success on Forex mainly depends on how much time is spent on trading. Today a speculator can and should make use of services and products offered by leading brokers who care about the essential and most valuable resource. InstaForex puts the same high priority on time as its clients do. No wonder, PAMM accounts and the ForexCopy system have been extremely popular services among traders for over 5 years. Speaking about PAMM accounts, clients’ investments are managed by successful and experienced trustees who act as PAMM traders. At the same time, PAMM investors gain returns in proportion to their investments. Thus, PAMM investment saves time because investors do not have to trade on their own. Nevertheless, PAMM investors are viewed as full-fledged market participants involved in passive investment. The ForexCopy system is another time-saving service with InstaFo-rex.

In a nutshell, a ForexCopy follower duplicates deals of a top-rated trader. INFORMATION: KNOWLEDGE MAKES YOU VICTORIOUS The second important resource is information. It is not enough to have access to sources of information. What is vitally important is to find out essential refined information. Modern people face a real challenge of separating the wheat from the chaff. A good solution would be a subscription to information which has been already discovered and processed. However, a subscription fee could be rather expensive. InstaForex provides its clients with a mine of information absolutely free of charge. With InstaForex, traders have developed daily habits of getting fresh quality market analysis and trading recommendations, beginning a new trading day with a video on InstaForex TV channel, and looking up any forex-related information in the educational section.

If you are used to absorbing information on your own, a non-stop stream of financial news, market reviews, and the economic calendar are at your disposal on the InstaForex website and in the special app. MONEY MEASURES EFFICIENCY OF USING TIME AND INFORMATION Money or to be more exact a profit rate is the only measure to judge whether a trader uses time and money with high or low efficiency. Apart from time and information, any trader is interested in convenient trading conditions. In fact, trading conditions are somehow similar to settings of a driver’s chair to ensure comfortable driving. If you feel confident and at ease, your work in the market will bring you both profits and satisfaction. During 13 years of its experience on Forex, the company has polished its trading conditions to perfection. Convenient leverage, a wide range of trading instruments, a spread size, types of accounts, cryptocurrencies, bank-level security of funds, almost instant ping speed make a trader feel like driving a VIP car. Make sure you use those basic resources with great care. So, choose only that partner who appreciates the value of such resources like you do. LAYOUT OPTIONS: 1.

Here are two diagrams which represent the two resources – time and information. Their total volume equals the third resource – money. The first diagram means that both time and information make up a big volume but yield small returns. In the second diagram, time and information bring high profits despite a moderate volume. The first diagram shows trading without InstaForex. The second one – with InstaForex. 2. There are pictures which describe working with the basic resources like time, information, and money. The first picture represents $100 banknotes, an open Google browser, a trader surfing the Net, a dark night outdoors or a late hour on the clock.

The second picture also displays $100 banknotes, an open trading platform, a dark night outdoors, and a sleeping trader in bed. The second one has to be completed with missing details. 3. A furnace, web portal, and PC monitor are displayed as two mincers. The resources like time and information are fed into the first mincer which produces coins. The second mincer converts the same resources into $100 bills. The first picture is entitled No name broker, the second one is headed InstaForex. 4. A diagram drawn in two dimensions means a smart approach. The chart reflects that a profit rate directly depends on available time and information.

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