Migrants emergency at the Mexico-Texas border: as Trump’s “Title 42” lapses, thousands wait to enter the U.S.

At midnight on May 11, the measure introduced in 2020 by Donald Trump to reject asylum seekers under the pandemic expired. But Biden warns, it will not be a green light to entry.
mexico migrant emergency

At midnight on 11 May, the measure introduced in 2020 by Donald Trump to reject migrants and asylum seekers under the pandemic expired.

The US government expects 150,000 to cross the southern border, where 1,500 soldiers are deployed. But Biden warns, it will not be a green light to entry.

Migrants emergency at the Mexican-American border

Tens of thousands of migrants, starving and thirsty under a scorching sun, have been pressing the border with Mexico for days now. Thus putting El Paso, Texas, under a state of emergency. The U.S. expects a wave of more than 150,000 people from Friday, averaging around 10,000 a day. The one at the Mexican-American border is currently one of the most critical migrant routes worldwide.

‘Our borders are not open’, however, reiterated Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the White House briefing just hours before the expiry of Title 42. This was the measure introduced by Donald Trump that allows for the immediate deportation of asylum seekers for the Covid emergency.

Mayorkas warned of harsher consequences for those entering illegally. Thus ranging from criminal prosecution to deportation with a ban on re-entry into the US for at least five years.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced today that he has instructed the National Guard to reinforced the garrison of the border with the United States.

López Obrador added that the measure was not taken under pressure from the neighbouring country. But that it was a decision by the government of Mexico. So that from tomorrow ‘there will be no chaos, and even less violence, at the common border with the US’.

New York City, limit for migrants hospitality reached

Meanwhile, New York has reached the limit of hospitality for migrants. And the Dem mayor Eric Adams temporarily suspends with an executive order already in force an old rule that guarantees anyone in need “the right to a roof” by the same night.

The breakthrough comes in view of the feared wave of migrants at the border with Mexico after the lapse today of Title 42.

Up to a thousand migrants are now arriving in New York City every day, revealed the New York mayor’s head of immigration services, Manuel Castro. The current count of migrants who have landed in the city since last spring is at 61,000, he explained.

But with the end of ‘Title 42’ today it will skyrocket “unless something changes”. Indeed, in his view, ‘a good proportion’ of the illegal immigrants crossing the border could end up in the five boroughs of the City. “It’s hard to know how many of them will be bused into New York. But it could be more than 12,000,” he pointed out.

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New York City getting ready for the migrants wave

New York is one of the Democratic cities in the crosshairs of the Republican governors of the southern states. Who have sent dozens of buses full of migrants there. Emergency solutions under consideration by city officials include setting up tents in Central Park and a repurposed hangar at John F. Kennedy Airport.

A mayoral spokesman explained that the city had ‘reached its limit’. And that last week was forced to house migrants newly arrived in gyms. ‘This is not a light decision and we will make every effort to get asylum seekers into shelter as quickly as possible, as we have done since day one,’ he added.

There are currently over 78,000 people in the city’s ‘shelter’ system. They are mostly migrants, housed between 120 ‘shelters’ and eight humanitarian relief centres.

Their numbers have also increased as a result of the move by some Republican governors, from Texas to Florida. Who continue to send hundreds of asylum seekers to New York and other migrant ‘sanctuary cities’ governed by Dems.

Adams warned that hosting the migrants is costing the city billions of dollars. And that the city will be ‘destroyed’ by the crisis. Thus, criticising Joe Biden for his handling of the situation. His attempt to alleviate the situation by sending hundreds of illegals to the outskirts of the city has found only rejection by neighbouring counties.

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