Is Microsoft about to buy Netflix? Here’s what could change for users

Microsoft is about to buy Netflix: the rumour launched by Reuters sees the technology giant headed by Satya Nadella ready to take the plunge.
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Is Microsoft about to buy Netflix? According to Reuters (and others), the acquisition is just a step away. A few days ago, the agreement between the two famous brands caused no small stir.

The synergy in question provides for Microsoft to handle advertising on behalf of Netflix. With the platform itself ready to launch new types of subscriptions, cheaper but including promotional messages.

A collaboration that, for many, would only be the appetiser for the acquisition. Which could take place as early as 2023.

Microsoft and the purchase of Netflix: the clues

In addition to the above-mentioned indiscretion by the British news agency, there have also been rumours and reflections by various insiders. Apparently, all the clues seem to point towards the takeover of Netflix in the short to medium term.

According to Reuters, the latest movements of the company led by Satya Nadella would leave little to the imagination.

The advertising partnership is a clear sign, but there are even clearer signs. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s chairman, is already on the board of Netflix.

Also not to be forgotten is a common goal of the two brands, namely the gaming sector. In this sense, Netflix has already given clear signs of an interest, through the purchase of the Spry Fox studio. Particular movements that would suggest big changes are imminent.

While it is true that Google does not seem interested in the acquisition, there are very few other companies with sufficient economic power to take over the streaming platform. Indeed, it must be taken into account that Microsoft currently has a market value of around 1.8 trillion dollars. In fact, a good 13 times more than Netflix.

The company founded by Bill Gates, for its part, with the success of Xbox Game Pass has already been able to test the potential of digital platforms dedicated to gaming.

The success of Steam and Epic Games, combined with Netflix’s typical modes of enjoyment, could open the door to a rich and rather vast market.

What will change for Netflix users?

In the immediate future, the introduction of the low-cost subscription with integrated advertising should be the only concrete change for Netflix users.

The long-term plans, however, could be very ambitious. There is talk of a platform capable of handling all-round entertainment, going beyond current content (TV series, films and documentaries) to also include video game products.

Microsoft, already strong with the previously mentioned service and Xbox consoles, could thus forge an ideal ecosystem for its hardware and Windows users.

Many are, more than understandably, focusing on the price aspect. In this sense, it is difficult to make predictions on costs and how they will be used.

Given the trend, however, it is easy to imagine different ‘degrees’ of subscriptions, solutions capable of satisfying those with a limited budget at their disposal as well as those without financial problems.

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