Netflix will charge those who share the account: the “Transfer profile” feature is coming

Another news at Netflix: the "Transfer Profile" feature was formalized. Is it the first step to block the sharing of the Netflix account?
netflix shared account

It was in the air for some time and now it’s official. Sharing your Netflix subscription will no longer be possible if you don’t pay an extra cost. Here are all the details.

There was no longer much doubt that Netflix would block the possibility to share the subscription. In fact, the question was not “if” but “when”. That “when” arrived, however, earlier than expected.

Goodbye shared Netflix subscription

The company had been testing for several months new features that could prevent the sharing of the profile between different families, friends and relatives.

Very fresh news then that of the introduction of the new “Transfer Profile” feature. Which, foreshadowed exactly what was officially confirmed over the last few hours. Namely, the blocking of subscription sharing starting from 2023.

How much will it cost to share the Netflix subscription

Also during the conference call, the company explained what will happen. In reality, it will be possible to continue sharing the subscription. But, this will entail an extra cost for the main account holder.

For the moment we are talking about a cost equal to 3 dollars for each additional user who will use the service and who will be outside the family unit.

The blocking of the shared subscription could then perhaps lead users to subscribe to the very recent Neflix Base subscription with advertising.

The new “Transfer profile” feature

Another news at Netflix: after months of testing, Netflix formalizes the introduction of the new “Transfer Profile” feature.

The new feature, which will debut worldwide this week, will allow the transfer of all user data from one profile to another.

The transfer of the profile to a new account will allow each user to bring with them all the information contained. For example, the history of views and the much appreciated personalized suggestions.

The novelty was accompanied by a statement from Netflix in which the company emphasizes the importance of guaranteeing a continuum in the “story of vision” of the contents. As well as a necessary functionality for those who leave the family unit – and therefore the subscription.

In a post on Netflix’s official blog, Product Manager Timi Kosztin writes:

“People move. Families are growing. Relationships end. But during these life changes, your Netflix experience should remain the same.”

Farewell to the shared Netflix subscription: the “Home” function

After all, the numbers speak very clearly: there are about 100 million families who share their accounts with people outside the family itself. Thus, breaking the “rules” of use of the most famous streaming service in the world.

If it is undeniable that the functionality is actually useful for those who leave the family unit and open a new profile. It is also true that this feature will be very important when Netflix concludes its tests relating to the “Homes” feature.

What is it about? A sort of “geolocation” of the active profiles of a single account. When active, it will allow you to see if a given account profile is actually located in the house in which the main connected account “resides”. If not, an extra payment service will apparently be activated for those who share their Netflix subscription.

In countries where the “Homes” function is being tested, creating a new account causes the loss of all data relating to previously shared accounts. How is this problem solved? Exactly with the new Profile Transfer feature.

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