Race to the White House, Kamala Harris: ‘I am ready to serve as a leader’

Elizabeth Smith

Kamala Harris says she’s ready to “serve” as a leader. While fears about US President Joe Biden’s advanced age are rampant, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the vice president assures: “I’m ready, there’s no doubt.”

In recent months the White House has tried to revive Harris’ image. But, in the polls, she is performing worse than Biden. Attention is high on the vice president, considering the age of the current occupant of the White House and the possibility that she could be the one to replace him if something happened while he is in office.

Kamala Harris: “I am ready to serve as a leader”

“Anyone who sees me at work – added Kamala Harris – leaves with the full awareness of my leadership ability”. The interview was recorded last Tuesday, two days before a report by special prosecutor Robert Hur raised new doubts about Biden’s mental faculties due to his advanced age.

In the document, Biden is described as “an elderly man with a poor memory.” Harris herself defended the US president during a public event on Friday evening, calling the report “gratuitous and politically motivated”.

Kamala Harris: low satisfaction among voters

According to the most recent NBC poll, however, Biden’s deputy has a very large level of unpopularity. 42% of those interviewed have a very negative opinion of her.

In recent months, Harris has taken on ever-increasing public responsibilities. She has become the administration’s top messenger on abortion rights. She has been put in charge of the new White House Office to Prevent Gun Violence. And she is playing a high-profile role in the administration’s handling of Israel’s war against Hamas.

The Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom hypotheses

In the unlikely event that Biden withdraws as the Democratic nominee, Harris should still earn the necessary delegates to take his place at the party convention in August.

However, if the withdrawal were to take place after the convention, a special meeting of the Democratic National Committee will decide who to run for president and vice president of the United States.

However, there has been a rumor for some time that the party could choose Michelle Obama. Which, however, would risk alienating the sympathies of center voters.

For this segment of the electorate, California governor Gavin Newsom would still be more digestible, even if he is generally considered to be left-wing.

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