Michelle Obama candidate for the White House? Rumors grow stronger

Elizabeth Smith

Michelle Obama may already be working on her run for the White House against Donald Trump. According to an editorial in the New York Post, in the coming months Joe Biden will announce his retirement. And the former first lady will be nominated at the Democratic convention.

The rumors about Michelle Obama’s candidacy

Michelle Obama’s staff, we read again in the US tabloid, have already asked Democratic supporters for opinions regarding her imminent candidacy. It is not the first time that there has been talk of her hypothetical electoral run.

If she ever were to run and if, hypothetically, she were to win, Obama would give a second record to the family and to the United States. After the first African-American president, she would be the first female president.

During and after Barack Obama’s two mandates, Michelle has always continued to be politically engaged. And many think that she would be the most suitable Democratic candidate. This, especially after the decline of the Biden star who ended 2023 with the worst popularity rating never recorded by a US president in the modern age.

Already in the last elections, in 2020, a movement had tried to push Michelle Obama to run precisely to counter Trump and avoid his second term. Hopes which, upon closer inspection, already existed in 2016, after the Obamas’ farewell to the White House. At the time, the hashtags #Michelle2020 and #MichelleForPresident had also spread on Twitter.

Michelle Obama represent a strong opposition to Trump

Michelle Obama has become a symbol for American progressives over the years. Now it seems that her candidacy is no longer just a hope of Democratic voters.

If in the past the rumors about his imminent run have always been denied, to date no official communications have yet been received that deny or confirm what was claimed by Cindy Adams, the New York Post journalist who in the piece claims that Biden will withdraw around May. Thus allowing the takeover. A plan, according to the conservative tabloid, ‘orchestrated’ by Barack himself.

Lawyer, activist and first African-American first lady, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson has been worried for months about the probable re-election of Donald Trump. “I’m terrified of what could happen,” she said in a January 8, 2024 interview on the “On Purpose” podcast.

She added: “Our leaders matter. Who we choose, who speaks for us has an effect that I sometimes think is taken for granted. We cannot take democracy for granted. And it worries me that sometimes we do.”

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