Israel knew about Hamas attack for over a year: sensational US backstory on the war

According to the New York Times, Israel was reportedly aware of the Hamas attack plan a year before it happened, last Oct. 7
hamas attack israel knew

The New York Times launches a sensational indiscretion about the war in Palestine. According to the American newspaper, Israel was aware of the Hamas attack plan a year before it happened, last October 7. In fact, the Tel Aviv military allegedly had in its hands a document – titled “Jericho Wall” – with all the details about the plan.

The New York Times revelation

The document referred to by the Nyt anticipated, in detail, Hamas‘s future moves. Namely, the massive firing of rockets, the neutralized watchtowers, the infiltration with motorcycles and hang gliders, the targeted action to take control of the Reim base-command so as to paralyze the reaction.

The breach would be followed by the extended assault, with hostage-taking and raids on villages along the border.

To conduct the operation Hamas had intensified recruitment, purchased GPS and drones, perfected training and conducted continuous drills under the eyes of the enemy. However, it is unclear whether Benjamin Netanyahu had also been made aware of the document.

Israel’s misjudgments

The American newspaper points out how a part of the Israeli military leadership misjudged, underestimating Hamas’ capabilities. Tel Aviv regarded the plan as “an aspiration but not a concrete project.” Thus believing that the movement was not interested in opening a war front.

Some consultations among officials had also taken place. But the response that emerged on more than one occasion (despite, moreover, continuous warnings and alerts) was surprising: “these are fantasies.”

Exacerbating the misinterpretations are other strategic and tactical factors. Such as blind trust in the digital wall composed of sensors and cameras or the fact that the spy balloons used to monitor the Strip were out of commission. Not to mention that the army deployment in the positions around Gaza was now insufficient.

Serious deficiencies balanced, however, by the warning of military intelligence. Which had warned Parliament and the executive branch about a deteriorating situation, with the danger of a new escalation of violence.

The consequences of the revelations

The revelations are likely to have a twofold consequence. First, contrasts will grow between Israel’s Defense and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Who, to date, has always blamed others for the failure.

Hamas leaders, at the same time, will want to understand how the adversary had an accurate idea of what would happen.

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