How to detect if a text is generated by ChatGPT or other AI tools

Tools like ChatGPT have become exceptionally good at generating human-like text, but as these AI programs become more sophisticated

In recent years, AI-generated text has proliferated across various domains, from journalism and content marketing to social media and beyond.

Tools like ChatGPT have become exceptionally good at generating human-like text, but as these AI programs become more sophisticated, the need for methods to distinguish human-written text from machine-generated text grows.

Tips to identify ChatGPT or other AI-generated text

If a language model like ChatGPT produced a text, there are various ways to tell. One strategy would be to create a model to distinguish the distinct writing styles and linguistic patterns by using machine learning techniques. Analyzing the text’s organization, syntax, and vocabulary may fall under this category. 

Another strategy would be to examine any similarities between the text and an extensive data set of known ChatGPT outputs. One might also include details like the presence of particular tokens or patterns in the text that are known to be produced by the language model

Lack of personal experience is another way to identify AI-generated text. For instance, an avoidance of first-person; AI tools are not capable of having personal experiences, so they may skirt around questions that require a personal touch. Lack of specifics, especially when answering questions about personal opinions or experiences, can be a red flag.

By paying attention to these indicators, you can become adept at differentiating between human and machine-generated text. While none of these signs alone can confirm the presence of an AI, a combination can provide compelling evidence.

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8 tools that can be used to detect text written by ChatGPT or similar AI

1. GPTZero

College student Edward Tsan, a 22-year-old developed GPTZero, which examined texts for “perplexity” (how complicated the ideas and language are) and “burstiness” (if there is a mixture of short and long phrases rather than sentences that are more uniform in length) using the information from his computer science major and journalism minor.

If GPTZero is bewildered by the text, it has a high level of complexity and is more likely to have been produced by a human.

2. Writer AI content detector

The company created the free tool known as Writer AI Content Detector. The tool is made to make it easier for users to recognize written AI content produced by an AI writing tool, such as GPT-3 or GPT-2. The web-based application offers a detection score that indicates the propensity for artificial intelligence (AI) to produce the content.

The Writer AI Content Detector was a logical progression for Writer given that it already produces an AI writing tool. Despite being weak, the tool is straightforward. For more information about detection at scale, get in touch with the company if you have a Writer enterprise plan.  

3. OpenCV Text Detection

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is an open-source library that offers text detection algorithms among its myriad features.

While it may require more programming skills to implement, OpenCV provides the flexibility for custom solutions, making it ideal for researchers and tech-savvy businesses.

4. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is a business-focused product that makes it clear right away that it is not intended for academic use. Its goal is to assist content producers in ensuring that any source material or jobs that are supplied to them are original and not created by AI or another person.

The Chrome extension for this program examines emails, Google Docs, web pages, and other things rapidly

5. Amazon Textract

Amazon Textract goes beyond simple text recognition to identify forms and tables within documents. This makes it ideal for businesses dealing with structured documents.

Textract’s machine learning algorithms ensure high accuracy, making manual data entry largely obsolete.

6. ZeroGPT

With a 98% accuracy rate, ZeroGPT is a simple, free tool for “students, education professionals, authors, employees, freelancers, copywriters, and just about anyone on earth.”

It operates using a proprietary, unnamed technology that the business calls DeepAnalyse and was trained on 10 million texts and articles. 

7. PoemOfQuotes

By using this ChatGPT content detection tool, you can determine if a piece of material was created by a human or by ChatGPT. Based on their algorithms, the free version can only tell whether or not a human wrote a piece of text. 

8. Microsoft Azure Computer Vision

Azure Computer Vision provides an array of tools, including OCR for text detection and extraction. It also offers additional features like image categorization, tagging, and even generating descriptive text for images. The API is robust and easy to integrate, making it suitable for various industries.

Caution must be taken regardless while using these detectors

AI-generated text detector tools have come a long way, offering unprecedented speed and accuracy. Whether you are a business, a developer, or a researcher, these tools provide a level of reliable solutions for text detection and data extraction, thus optimizing workflows and reducing manual labor.

Although these AI detectors could distinguish between text authored by humans and text written by ChatGPT or other AI yet not without their dark sides so caution should still be taken when relying only on their findings.

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