OpenAI triples its value and reaches the astronomical price of 80 billion dollars

Elizabeth Smith

OpenAI, the company behind the powerful ChatGPT language model, recently announced a deal that brought its valuation to a staggering $80 billion. Here’s why it’s worth so much.

This deal, signed with venture capital firm Thrive Capital, tripled OpenAI’s valuation from just nine months ago.

The increase in value of the tech company

The deal gives employees the opportunity to monetize their company shares rather than participate in a standard investment round to raise money for the company, the New York Times reported.

This development represents a notable change from the 2023 deal, when OpenAI valued the company at around $29 billion.

On that occasion, the venture capitals Thrive Capital, together with Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and K2 Global, had purchased shares of the group in a takeover bid.

The market breakthrough: ChatGPT

The launch of ChatGPT in late 2022 has sparked an acceleration in AI research activity, with many companies exploring innovative ways to leverage this powerful technology.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said he is in talks to raise additional funding to boost global chip-building capacity.

This will allow the company to use new tools related to artificial intelligence and continue to drive innovation in the sector.

The company is here to stay

The agreement with Thrive Capital underlines the confidence in the future potential of OpenAI and confirms its role as a leader in the artificial intelligence industry.

The ability for employees to monetize their actions also highlights the company’s commitment to rewarding those who have contributed to its success.

With unprecedented ratings and an ongoing commitment to innovation, OpenAI continues to be a driving force in the advancement of artificial intelligence and its applications around the world.

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