The top 10 online free tools for digital storytelling 

Digital storytelling is a social activity that should be separated from electronic literature, a literary movement that includes the genre
digital storytelling

Through the use of media tools, digital storytelling brings stories to life. A topic can be explained, a personal experience can be thought about, a historical event can be retold, or an argument can be made through digital stories. Digital stories are often videos that tell a story using audio, graphics, and video snippets.

Students now have more opportunities to tell stories about real and imagined events and experiences as well as combine several media types to produce emotive,  educational works of art such as text, images, drawings, cartoons, audio, and videos. thanks to digital storytelling.

What is digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is a social activity that should be separated from electronic literature, a literary movement that includes the genres of hypertext fiction, electronic poetry, interactive fiction, and generative literature, as well as from other types of digital narrative, like those found in video games or fan fiction.

People from many walks of life may now produce and share their stories online thanks to a brief type of digital media production called “digital storytelling.” The approach is commonly applied in educational institutions, museums, libraries, social work and healthcare settings, and communities. They are believed to have therapeutic, democratizing, and educational impacts.

Top 10 free tools for digital storytelling 

The following are some of the best tools for digital storytelling available:

1. Slidestory 

In the group of various digital storytelling tools, Slidestory is user-friendly and customizable.  This tool includes a voice recorder, an mp3 audio file, and slide space for a picture.  Because this tool provides all the optional tags required to significantly raise the value of the content, it is also highly recommended for presentations. 

2. Buncee

With tools like Buncee, you can make interactive material for education, project pitching, proposal presentation, etc. Thousands of ready-made templates in a variety of areas are available there. The templates afford you a decent deal of customization so you can add your flair to the animation.

Buncee allows you to effortlessly share your creations with others via links, board uploads, or JPG or PDF downloads.

3. Storybird 

Another excellent tool for producing a visual story quickly is Storybird.  The technology can instantly visualize the tale and provide it in a legible format.  On this tool, distributing, making, and creating stories are all free of charge, however downloading and printing stories is subject to a fee that is disclosed on the website.

4. Puppet pals 

Puppet pals were created to provide animated and auditory versions of the storyteller’s whereabouts and stories.  The storyteller selects the characters and the scenery before selecting the recording option.  This tool is especially useful for improving creativity.  Among multiple digital storytelling tools available, Puppet Pal is highly recommended.   

5. My storybook 

Young authors of diverse ages can use the My Storybook tool to produce captivating, original stories. It allows you to construct a story’s narrative structure, grow your characters, and work with a variety of genres, such as fantasy, prose, and poetry.

Additionally, you might include illustrations with your narrative to keep readers interested. Likewise, there are possibilities of getting your story published in print and story starters.

6. Zooburst 

Another digital storytelling tool for making 3D pop-up books is Zooburst.  This tool is web-based and works on both a laptop and an iPad.  Characters and objects in a 3D environment are at the authors’ and storytellers’ disposal. However, the storyteller can alter the characters to his or her preference. You must note that creating a free Zooburst account will make it simple to make ten books with ten pages each. 

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7. Imagine forest 

Anyone can utilize the universal story-creation tool Imagine Forest. It enables you to create engaging stories by providing soy ideas, motivational tale starters, and daily story difficulties.

The story creator tool in Imagine Forest is an intriguing addition. Through the random complete function, you can independently come up with original stories or work together to generate compelling ones.

8. StoryJumper 

Using a variety of simple and built-in functions, StoryJumper is a handy tool that assists you in writing and illuminating stories. If you want to create a story that is more unique, you may upload your own photos to be used as backdrop scenes and graphic art in addition to the images that are existing in the StoryJumper database. 

9. StoryboardThat 

StoryboardThat is also a digital storytelling tool that gives users a means to create comic strips by utilizing storyboards to tell a tale. When writing a story, students have a dizzying choice of alternatives to pick from. It is possible to employ scenes, people, objects, icons, and speech bubbles. There are several possibilities for each menu item. 

10. WeVideo

WeVideo is yet another top-notch free digital storytelling resource for educators. In your classroom, it encourages innovation, teamwork, and learning. Teachers can use the app to test pupils and produce multimedia content to provide real-time feedback. 

Additionally, this feature gives users access to videos that have been placed elsewhere on a different gadget and can be viewed again on a different device.

You can always save time using digital storytelling tools

The above-listed tools are not all that there is. However, the biggest flex is that narrators can now save time and effort by using these digital storytelling tools. 

Through these web-based venues, it is also possible to easily create important tailored material and have the opportunity to bring cultural differences into harmony.  With these digital storytelling tools, the laborious process of tale writing is also lessened. 

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