The 10 countries that pay you to move and live there

Elizabeth Smith

Getting paid to move to a country abroad and live there. As utopian as it may seem, it is the pure truth. Some countries are willing to pay people to leave their home country and live in a new country.

If you want to experience an adventure, willing to travel and visit new countries, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Every year some local governments encourage foreign workers to settle in the new country with relocation grants and cash payments.

If you want to completely change your life, this could be the right opportunity. This is why this short guide could be useful to learn about the 10 countries that pay you to move and live there. Here’s everything you need to know.

The 10 countries that pay you to move and live there

There are numerous countries that offer the opportunity to pay people to revive and help certain cities or villages survive. Below is the list of 10 countries that pay people to live in some of their cities and territories.


Famous for its commitment to the protection of human rights at an international level, Canada is certainly a country where many people would like to move.

But certainly what everyone doesn’t know is that in some cities in the western Canadian region of Saskatchewan, such as Camden, Saskatoon and Pipestone, the country offers grants worth around 20 thousand Canadian dollars, so that people (especially new graduates) move to revitalize the economy.

United States

Incredible but true, even the United States offers grants for people to move to certain cities or areas to be revitalized. In the cities of Baltimore, Harmony and Tulsa there are subsidies dedicated to those who want to buy land or renovate their home.

Since the economic crisis of 2008, for example, the city of Detroit has become deserted, and today offers 2,500 dollars in housing assistance to new arrivals, then 1,000 dollars in the second year after their move.

The Alaska Permanent Funt Dividend project still exists which for many years has offered more than a thousand dollars a month to those who decide to move their home there for at least 6 months.


Spain offers subsidies to those who decide to move to small villages undergoing depopulation. In Asturias, in the north of Spain, for example, there is the village of Ponga, a city of around 600-700 inhabitants, and the country is willing to pay 2,971 euros to anyone who moves and another 2,600 euros for each child born there. However, there is one condition: you must stay in Ponga for at least 5 years.


Another country that offers to pay people to live in its territories is Switzerland, which offers excellent benefits and subsidies, as well as salaries that are among the highest in the world. But this time very specific requirements are needed.

To receive this benefit you must already have an employment contract and decide to live here for at least 10 years. In return, you can receive up to 70 thousand euros per family unit.


The offer of the Netherlands is completely different. The Dutch subsidies are for those who move to the famous city of Utrecht, and should have a value of 800 euros per month in aid on the condition that there is a sustainable business project.


A country with fascinating folklore, Ireland launched the Our Living Islands initiative this year, in an attempt to increase the population of offshore communities that are too often uninhabited and left to fend for themselves.

So far 23 islands that are not connected to the mainland have been included via bridges or low tides. The state is offering around 80 thousand euros so that the buildings on the land can be restored.


If you love cultivating the land and fishing, then the right destination is Japan. In the city of Mishima, economic subsidies can be requested which amount to thousands of euros per year.

Here the only criterion necessary to receive subsidies is the profession of the person who moves, who will have to be a farmer or fisherman.


Incredible, but a country where it is best to move is Chile where you can receive subsidies to open your own company and obtain both tax discounts and excellent health and administrative support. The same also applies to Denmark and Ireland.


Famous for being the happiest country in the world, Finland has an excellent welfare system and excellent and completely free education. A dream for many people. Yet, even the happiest country in the world has difficulties in terms of birth rates and is therefore willing to offer a bonus of up to 10 thousand euros per year for every child born in Finland.


Greece has always been the dream of many. And this time fortune smiles on the hopeful. There is a small island in the south of the Peloponnese, which has just over 40 inhabitants.

Local institutions offer all families who want to take up residence in Antikythera a house, a small piece of land and 500 euros per month. A reduced but reasonable subsidy which it will immediately provide housing. Here too, however, there is a necessary requirement to request the subsidy. The people who move must have a family with at least three children.

After discovering the famous 10 countries willing to pay for someone to move to wonderful abandoned scenarios, what remains to be done is to inform yourself carefully, reading all the requirements necessary in each country to obtain the subsidy. Once you have understood which offer best meets your needs, the only thing left to do is take the courage and decide to start a new life elsewhere, starting out in the name of adventure.

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