The 10 major exporting countries in 2024

Exports are goods or services produced in one country and sold to another country. This trade relationship defines whether a product is considered an import or an export, depending on the perspective of the sending or receiving country.

The exporting country produces and sells the goods or services (exports), while the importing country purchases and receives these products (imports).

Importance of exports in an economy

Exports play a vital role in a country’s economy by providing access to a global market, expanding potential customer bases for producers, and contributing to international diplomacy and foreign policy initiatives.

Governments often prioritize exports over imports due to the economic benefits they bring, including job creation, increased wages, improved standard of living, and enhanced foreign currency reserves and liquidity.

In fact, governments implement policies to encourage exports and reduce imports. They may impose trade protections such as tariffs on imported goods to raise prices and support domestic industries. Conversely, countries negotiate trade agreements to reduce trade barriers like tariffs, fostering mutually beneficial trade relationships among nations.

Top exporting countries worldwide

Based on World Bank data for 2020, the top exporting countries by value include:


  • Total exports: $2.72 trillion
  • Main exports: Electronic equipment, machinery (broadcast equipment, computers, integrated circuits, office machine parts, telephones)

United States

  • Total exports: $2.12 trillion
  • Main exports: Crude and refined petroleum, integrated circuits, pharmaceuticals, aircraft and spacecraft (including parts)


  • Total exports: $1.67 trillion
  • Main exports: Automobiles (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen), pharmaceuticals (Bayer), aircraft, machinery, electronics, chemicals


  • Total exports: $785.4 billion
  • Main exports: Automobiles (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki), automobile parts, integrated circuits, electronic devices (Nintendo, Panasonic, Sony)

United Kingdom

  • Total exports: $770.5 billion
  • Main exports: Cars (Bentley, Jaguar, Mini, Rolls-Royce), gas turbines, gold, medicines, hard liquor, crude petroleum


  • Total exports: $733.2 billion
  • Main exports: Aircraft, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, machinery, cosmetics, luxury goods


  • Total exports: $711.5 billion
  • Main exports: Machinery and equipment, chemicals, mineral fuels, food products

Hong Kong

  • Total exports: $612.6 billion
  • Main exports: Electronics, textiles, clothing, watches, clocks, toys


  • Total exports: $599.2 billion
  • Main exports: Machinery and equipment, electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, processed foods

South Korea

  • Total exports: $596.9 billion
  • Main exports: Semiconductors, automobiles, ships, petrochemicals, smartphones

These countries demonstrate significant export activity across various industries, contributing to global trade and economic growth.

Exporting allows these nations to leverage their strengths, including technological innovation, manufacturing capabilities, and natural resources, to compete in the international marketplace and drive economic development.

Benefits of import-export model

The import-export model allows countries to access goods and services that are not readily available domestically. It also enables specialization in products that a country can produce more efficiently or affordably, leveraging natural resources and demographic advantages to gain a competitive edge in international trade.

Countries like Saudi Arabia for example, with abundant petroleum reserves, benefit significantly from exporting crude oil globally, which supports economic growth and prosperity.

Similarly, cacao-producing countries like Ivory Coast and Malaysia rely on exports to supply chocolate to markets worldwide, demonstrating the impact of international trade on economic development and consumer access to goods.

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