7 countries seeking independence in 2024

As of 2024, many are the territories around the world seeking independence in order to become countries in their own right.

As of 2024, many are the territories around the world seeking to become countries in their own right, thus independent of another one. The list of countries in this article does not consider territories that are commonly considered countries but don’t currently have recognition due to geopolitical reasons, such as the claim of independence of Kosovo from Serbia and of Taiwan from China.

The list also omits territories that are either not acknowledged or only partially recognized as independent states by the UN. These territories, despite proclaiming their independence, are widely regarded as dependent territories by the predominant consensus of the international community. Examples include Abkhazia, Somaliland, and Transnistria.


Bougainville, while geographically part of Papua New Guinea, has long pursued independence. A decisive 98% of its residents voted for freedom in 2019. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily stalled these aspirations.

Nevertheless, Bougainville asserts its distinct identity and autonomy within Papua New Guinea. The path to nationhood for this proposed entity will largely depend on its recovery from the pandemic and subsequent developments.

The Donetsk People’s Republic

The Donetsk People’s Republic, situated within Ukraine, currently operates largely autonomously, effectively functioning as an independent state despite enduring considerable turmoil and conflict.

Should the region fail to achieve full independence as a sovereign nation, there remains the possibility of it aligning with the Russian Federation.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France, stands at the cusp of potential nationhood as one of the newest proposed countries. Despite its current status, this region has persistently pursued independence.

While a 2018 referendum on independence was unsuccessful, a more recent vote in 2020 narrowly missed achieving independence. Another plebiscite is slated for 2022, offering another opportunity for the territory to determine its political future.


Rojava, situated within Syria, has long been engaged in conflicts against both Syrian government forces and ISIS. Amidst this turmoil, Rojava has emerged as a unique entity, embodying elements of anarchism in its governance structure.

With its unconventional political model, Rojava stands as a potential trailblazer for alternative forms of governance. The prospect of Rojava becoming an independent state continues to spark debates and discussions, reflecting the ongoing struggle of its residents for self-determination.


Despite possessing its own football team, currency, and passport, Bermuda remains under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. The island has persistently pursued independence, aspiring to become a sovereign nation.

Given its significant tourism and gross domestic product exports annually, the transition to independent status should theoretically be feasible for Bermuda.

West and East Libya

In recent years, the United States intervened in Libya with the aim of fostering democracy, yet these efforts have faltered, leading to a fractured nation divided between its western and eastern regions.

The prevailing scenario suggests that Libya may ultimately bifurcate into two separate and rival nations. Numerous political analysts foresee a future where Libya resembles the current state of Somalia, with two distinct territories fiercely vying for control and influence.


Among the four nations constituting Micronesia, Chuuk stands out as notably prosperous. Despite its modest size, this island nation boasts considerable wealth and profitability, fueling its persistent pursuit of independence. The path to a referendum on independence is potentially fraught with bureaucratic hurdles. Nonetheless, plans are underway for an independence vote in the near future.

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