The 14 countries Americans can’t travel to

There are a few countries that Americans can't travel to or can travel only with special authorization from the high command.

There are a few countries that Americans can’t travel to or can travel only with special authorization from the high command. The present world shows unity but hardly believes in it. Political affairs influence and affect the relationship between any two countries. International affairs are more twisted than they look. 

As a superpower nation, America is more likely to have power and problems. There are countries that Americans can’t travel to because of political differences, power imbalance and safety issues

1. North Korea

America has restricted travel to North Korea after the ongoing tensions between the two countries over a political doctrine. What fueled the misunderstanding was the incident of 2016 when an American student was arrested and tortured by the North Korean police. 

The continuous harassment resulted in the death of the student in 2017. Keeping an eye on the matter, Americans are instructed not to visit North Korea under any ordinary circumstances.

2. Iran 

Iran is a country famous for its historical sites and hospitality. However, the latter is not so relatable for the Americans. The 1979 Iranian revolution was the keystone of the crack between Iran and America. 

Even if someone wishes to travel to Iran, he/she must have a group that has a government permit. General exploration is still not an easy choice for the Americans in Iranian territory.

3. Bhutan

Bhutan’s Himalayan land has no political disturbance, but its unique tourism policy makes it difficult for Americans to travel. On average, Americans have to pay a daily amount of 200 to 250 dollars as a tourism fee. 

Also, Bhutan doesn’t allow a lot of tourists to preserve its culture and environment. This is also the reason that Americans do not prefer travelling to Bhutan. 

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4. Cuba

One of those countries that Americans can’t travel to is Cuba. The Cold War between Cuba and America, known as ‘el bloqueo’, made it really hard for American citizens to tour the land of Cuba. Only under 12 special categories of travelling are Americans allowed to go and visit Cuba. 

5. Eritrea

Eritrea is a country that’s also known as ‘North Korea of Africa’. The detention of US Embassy local employees and Eritrea’s human rights record make it almost impossible for the citizens of the USA to frequently visit Eritrea. Americans usually don’t even get an approved tourist visa for Eritrea. 

6. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has restrictive visa policies that make it difficult for Americans to travel to its land. Strict Islamic laws of the country are a genuine hindrance for American tourists to enter into Saudi Arabia. On top of that, female travellers have way too many restrictions as compared to male travellers. 

7. Turkmenistan

The government of this country is always a little worried about foreign interference. On top of that, its strict visa policies make it even more difficult for the USA citizens to enter its boundaries. Also, there are democracy issues between America and Turkmenistan that add to the travel restrictions. 

8. Syria

America has a ton of reasons why it doesn’t want its citizens to travel to Syria. America sees Syria as a regular hub of terrorism, armed conflict, kidnapping and civil unrest. Also, the 2011 Syrian Civil War has intensified the gap between the two countries. That’s why it’s not safe for Americans to go there. 

9. Libya

Libya is like another Syria for American citizens. The American government prohibits its people from visiting Libya due to excessive kidnappings, war situations and civil disobedience. Libya is in fact one of the most dangerous countries in the world at the moment. Also, the visa process is very complex when an American wants a visa for Libya. 

10. Venezuela

Venezuela’s political abnormality and financial crisis push away the Americans from entering its boundaries. Poor health infrastructure and thievery are also concerning reasons that make Venezuela one of the countries that Americans can’t travel to. 

11. Haiti

There has been increasing kidnapping and crimes in Haiti in recent times. On top of that, there is an ongoing conflict between the Haiti police force and armed gangs. Keeping in mind the risk to life, America doesn’t encourage its people to travel to Haiti. 

12. Iraq

Iraq is prone to terrorist attacks, looting and kidnappings. The country is struggling to establish a peaceful environment. Armed gangs are mistreating the tourists, and hence, it becomes one of those countries that Americans can’t travel to. 

13. Somalia

Somalia is struggling to get out of the impact of continuous drought in the area. There is also conflict with Islamic insurgents. Other crimes are not rare occurrences either. Hence, Americans are prohibited from traveling to Somalia. 

14. Yemen

Yemen is also one of the countries that Americans can’t travel to. It is crowded with landmines, terrorism, thievery cases and kidnappings. Tourists are main targets for the illegal workers in Yemen. The American government is, therefore, very strict about sending its people to Yemen. 

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