And now ChatGPT also comes to our smartphones: Altman’s deal with Apple

Elizabeth Smith

If it is true that AI is so insidious, as Sam Altman, OpenAi’s number 1, recently admitted to the US Senate, perhaps it is not advisable to install ChatGPT on one’s mobile phone, given that nowadays, everyone’s life passes through that device.

Not only conversations with friends and loved ones, but also bank accounts, work contacts etc. But there it is, and Altman himself has announced the arrival of his intelligent and very talkative algorithm on Apple mobiles, in the form of an app.

A privileged landing. By no means a foregone conclusion, given Microsoft’s considerable funding of the software house. Even if obviously, given the competition with Google’s Bard, no one expected the arrival first of all on Android systems.

ChatGPT in smartphones

At the moment, the ChatGPT app in the App Store is only available to users in the United States. But we know that it lands in the new format enhanced by another OpenAI software, Whisper. Which allows users to converse with the chatbot through voice input.

The intention is to disrupt Google’s dominance. This is why the app will be free of charge, and will allow users to ‘obtain accurate information without having to search through ads and multiple results’, the site states.

The app also offers ‘guidance on how to cook, plan a trip or create thoughtful messages’. All questions that until now users had asked Google.

In fact, all questions that were the subject of the recent Google I/O, in which the American giant now at the centre of the Net defended its dominant position by showing the potential of the search system once connected to Bard, its ChatGpt variant.

The next moves

Altman himself, in the short tweet in which he announced the arrival of ChatGpt on the smartphones of the bitten apple, simultaneously stated that the application will arrive in new countries in the coming weeks.

And that’s not all, because OpenAi makes it known that ChatGPT will also be available on Android ‘soon’.

In short, the algorithm, already available on smartphones through Microsoft’s Bing search application, will very soon become an inseparable companion.

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