Green Economy

The UAE Green Growth Strategy: energy mix and green economy

The UAE Green Growth Strategy, the approach adopted on global climate change to transform the national economy into a green economy. A project aims to reduce carbon emissions using modern technologies and innovation.

How to finance the green transition

In addition to reaffirming their commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, world leaders who gathered for the UN Climate Action summit this week also discussed how the public and private sectors can work together to tackle climate change. They should focus on the role of private finance, without which there will be no green transition World leaders

The silent suffering of climate migrants

Climate disasters have forced millions of people across South Asia into extremely precarious, inhuman conditions, without the robust global recognition and protection they desperately need.Instead of leaving climate migrants to continue suffering in silence

The right investments to address the human capital crisis

The world faces a growing human capital crisis that demands urgent attention. By making the right investments in people, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, we can help to give them the health, knowledge, and skills they need to realize their full potential

Disrupting multilateral climate finance

If the world is to avert climate calamity, multilateral nance institutions must begin looking to large institutional investors as their partners and clients. The creation of a new global climate nance facility, appropriately

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