Binance Academy, a great way of studying cryptocurrencies while getting paid

Want to learn about cryptocurrencies? Binance Academy is offering paid learning programmes in digital currency.
binance academy

Want to learn about cryptocurrencies? Binance Academy is offering paid learning programmes in digital currency. An incredible offer for everyone, newbies and experts alike.

Few really want to study and even fewer are motivated enough to do so. This is why a world like cryptocurrencies becomes the preserve of the curious few. Leaving everyone else to follow in a confused wake, listening to myths and stories of traders who got rich from digital assets, without even knowing what a blockchain is.

Precisely to remedy this huge problem that plagues the Web3, where disinformation reigns, some crypto platforms have tried to offer an important solution.

Something that can motivate young and old alike to spend even a few hours studying new. And often only apparently complicated concepts.

The famous crypto exchange platform Binance has done this. To create an academy where those who delve into blockchain and crypto, along with many other concepts ranging from NFT to Defi, can get paid in cryptocurrencies.

How do you make money by learning? With Binance Academy

There is a wealth of information and if we plug into any of the search engines on our computer it will not be difficult to learn something about the crypto world.

What is the problem? Unfortunately, the material available is often not clear enough and, lacks some fundamentals. Or even uses terms that are already too technical for those approaching this world for the first time. To remedy this problem, here is Binance Academy.

The famous cryptocurrency platform has devised a programme suitable for everyone, capable of educating on the blockchain and its various functionalities, while also offering handsome rewards in return.

Levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced

The topics covered are varied: from crypto and blockchain to economics and cybersecurity. Within the educational path there are almost 300 different articles in more than 21 different languages.

Binance Academy presents itself as an interactive course. It is made up of articles, an extensive glossary, videos and simple quizzes to be answered correctly and then receive cryptocurrencies as rewards.

There are 3 levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

A beginner’s course can be the introduction to Bitcoin, an intermediate one to the Monero blockchain and an advanced one to ‘selfish mining’.

Here is the course created by Binance Academy

There are a few sections, five specifically: crypto, blockchain, trading, investing and privacy.

Everyone will be asked to choose one of the topics and read all the articles on it to increase awareness and knowledge of the selected field.

Each topic will follow the previous one in an almost natural way. And will almost always be a few minute articles, nothing long and verbose in short.

Depending on the knowledge acquired, we can then choose to devote ourselves to increasingly complex topics, following the degrees of difficulty set by Binance Academy. Or, to choose to delve into a particular crypto rather than the different functionalities of a blockchain.

How can cryptocurrencies be earned with courses?

Obviously, only certain sections have rewards. Yes, unfortunately it is not possible to earn a reward every time we delve into a topic or start a course.

So we will be constantly updating with classes that offer crypto as a reward at the end of the course and leave the in-depth sections without rewards for later.

Also because (this is important to remember) the cryptocurrencies offered at the end of the lecture will not always be there. But may run out over time, so it is best to turn our attention to them as soon as possible.

But brace yourselves. Among the cryptocurrencies offered as rewards for your efforts, there are even 39,000 Shiba Inu Coins up for grabs.

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