Green credit cards: what are they and the 4 best ones available

Oluwatoni Olujinmi

More than ever before, individuals are looking for methods to make their daily actions, including their financial decisions, consistent with their commitment to a sustainable future. Green credit cards often known as eco-friendly credit cards, are one effective alternative that has arisen. Credit cards with special environmental features are issued by financial institutions to their customers. 

In addition to providing a risk-free method of handling one’s money, green credits also give their owners the opportunity to directly contribute to environmental improvement through their purchases. In this article, we will look into four of the best green credit cards available and what they are.

The 4 best green credit cards

1. Sunrise Banks Visa Platinum Card

One distinguishing feature of the Sunrise Banks Visa Platinum Card is its commitment to environmental improvement. It functions like any other credit card, allowing you to make transactions and transfer balances.

Sunrise Banks is a certified B-Corp and a member of the GABV (Global Alliance for Banking on Values), an organization committed to social and environmental responsibility, and the issuer of this Sunrise Banks Visa Platinum Card. 

Your use of this card will help a bank that reinvests its earnings in environmentally responsible initiatives. Sunrise is a certified CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) that invests in local and global projects to improve both communities and the environment. It is unrelated to the fossil fuel industry.

The card’s perks, which include travel assistance and identity theft protection, are particularly appealing, as are the card’s low APR (beginning at 14.24 percent) and absence of an annual fee. 

In addition to the benefits of having a reputable credit card, customers of Sunrise Banks can take part in a movement aimed at making the world a better place simply by using the Sunrise Banks Visa Platinum Card.

2. FutureCard Visa

There is no credit card involved with the FutureCard Visa. Instead, you load funds onto your FutureCard and can use that money everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. It’s a secured credit card that doesn’t verify your credit or charge you any fees to open an account.

This card is issued by First Electronic Bank, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is intended to facilitate the use of environmentally friendly products and services. 

All purchases made with the card that benefit the environment get rewards with a cash rebate of 5%. When goods are purchased from affiliated businesses, this increases to 6%. Acceptable alternatives include using public transportation, shopping second hand, eating plant-based diets, and having access to electric charging stations. 

The FutureScore app, included with every FutureCard, keeps tabs on your carbon footprint in relation to your purchases. With FutureCard, you can lessen your carbon impact without having to grow trees to offset your normal buying patterns. 

The card’s developer, Future Inc., is a partner in the Sustainability Consortium. Those who choose the FutureCard Visa will be able to both contribute to and benefit from various environmentally conscious endeavours.

3. Aspiration Zero Credit Card

When it comes to environmentally friendly credit cards, few can compare them to the Aspiration Zero Credit Card. It is a normal credit card with a grace period for making payments. The standard annual percentage rate (APR) ranges from 11.65% to 21.455%. 

Among other things, this card’s dedication to environmental charity stands out. Aspiration, along with the Oakland, California-based Beneficial State Bank, issues these notes. They are both recognized as B-Corps. The proposed annual fee for the Aspiration credit card is $60. As a credit card rate, this is competitively low and quite adaptable

Carbon offsetting and tree-planting initiatives can be carried out with its help. With the Aspiration Zero card, offsetting the carbon emissions from your regular spending is simple. When you spend more than $1.50 at Aspiration, a tree will be planted in your honor through the Eden Project, One Tree Planted, or the Arbor Day Foundation. 

When you make a purchase with Aspiration, the app will automatically “Plant Your Change,” or round up your total to the nearest full dollar, and use the difference to fund the planting of an additional tree. You are free to withdraw your participation at any time.

The Beneficial State Bank is a certified fossil-free institution that has shown a strong commitment to environmental protection. There is a bank within the Bank.The Climate Card is the official green banking card of the Green Fossil Free Banking Alliance, which is very fascinating to know.

4. Redwood Credit Union Visa

The Redwood Credit Union Visa is a great option for those looking for a green credit card from a local business. It’s a credit card that has the goal to help those with poor scores establish or improve their credit and hence their financial standing.

The Redwood Credit Union, with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a member-owned financial cooperative with a focus on sustainability that issues this credit card.

The credit union has established itself as an advocate for environmental causes by forming partnerships with various groups. Cardholders benefit from lower interest rates, no yearly fees, and a convenient mobile app in addition to reducing their influence on the environment. 

By using a credit card issued by Redwood Credit Union, consumers can support their local economy while also aligning their purchasing with sustainability goals. Benefit from low annual percentage rate financing while you repair your credit. The more you shop, the more points you earn toward discounts on future orders.

Making a difference through green credit cards

Green credit cards allow cardholders to do good for the planet while simultaneously gaining financial independence.

Consumers can better connect their ideals with their spending habits by using these eco-friendly credit cards, thereby making meaningful contributions to a more environmentally responsible and sustainable global community.

Join the movement toward a greener tomorrow by taking advantage of green credit cards and making a difference today.

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