Crypto airdrops of October 2022: the best 10 to earn cryptocurrencies for free

Do you want to get free cryptocurrencies to add to your digital wallet? Here's the 10 best airdrops of October 2022.
10 best crypto airdrop october 2022

Do you want to get free cryptocurrencies to add to your digital wallet? Here’s a list of the 10 best airdrops of October 2022 that will allow you to take advantage of the most profitable launches that will hit the Web3 during the month.

Sure, sometimes it’s not easy, but there are some ways we can put cryptocurrencies in our pockets without spending a single cent. Does this seem impossible? It’s not, and the answer is airdrops.

We can obtain cryptocurrencies at no cost thanks to the airdrops that providers, rather than new blockchain projects, launch from time to time to attract users or publicise initiatives.

Thanks to simple activities, in fact, a limited number of users can obtain digital currencies for free, thus securing the opportunity to expand their investments in cryptocurrencies without spending a cent.

The 10 best crypto airdrops of October 2022

We will now look at the 10 most interesting cryptocurrency airdrops of October 2022!

One of the best airdrop of October 2022: Conic Finance

The first of those is offering several ways to earn crypto and other rewards, and a large pool of liquidity.

Conic Finance is an easy-to-use platform created to easily diversify your exposure in the market. Any user can provide liquidity to a Conic Omnipool that allocates funds to the section in proportion to the weight of the pools controlled by the protocol.

Conic Finance is releasing 10% of the total crypto pool to CVX holders. Users who had staked at least 3 CVX tokens (vlCVX) by the time of the snapshot can apply for free CNC tokens.

Airdrops of October 2022, FTX offers various rewards to traders

It should need no introduction, but know that it is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in recent years.

Capable of providing a trading experience suitable for both experts and newbies alike, it is constantly growing and developing offers that give away tokens and NFTs to all members.

Currently, FTX is offering multiple trading competitions and free events for its users. You too can create an account on the exchange and participate in events to earn prizes, cryptocurrencies, bonuses, etc.

Airdrop Lucky Block, the blockchain lottery

Have you ever thought of a lottery on blockchain?

Well, Lucky Block is a cryptocurrency built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and replaces the old online lottery systems with a kind of scratch-based ecosystem built on the blockchain system.

Each LBLOCK holder can get 10 per cent of each jackpot offered within the platform! Not bad, don’t you think? For those who want to buy LBLOCK, know that the benefits come as much from the possible positive price fluctuations of the crypto as from the staking interest.

Airdrop of PulseChain and the ERC-20 tokens

Another crypto that not everyone will know, but a good one that deserves your attention especially for airdrops.

PulseChain is tied to Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, copied from the former and used within the network.

PulseChain’s airdrops involve the possession of these virtual coins which, when converted within PulseChain and upon completion of certain tasks, can give us access to rewards worth a total of USD 30,000! Paid in digital currency, of course.

Swaraj, prize pool 10,000 USD

This time we move on to the metaverse. Similar to the previous airdrop, but faster, Swaraj is a project that aims to create a self-governing and free metaverse thanks to NFTs.

By completing simple tasks within it, we will be able to participate in a challenge where 100 users will have access to a prize pool of USD 10,000. Everything will then be deposited on the digital wallets we have connected to Swaraj.

$BAT, from Mozilla and Firefox

Here we are dealing with a crypto created for digital advertising. The Basic Attention Token ($BAT) offers many opportunities to get free cryptocurrencies for various purposes!

Spread across 188 countries, with 400 advertisers and 1 million participants, $BAT is a growing digital currency with a great opportunity: earning free $BAT while surfing the web, downloading the Brave brow ser, clicking ‘enable Brave Ads’ and activating notifications. You can even get between 25-40 $BAT!

HiCoin and Telegram

A cryptocurrency used for totally free transactions, HiCoin provides the possibility of obtaining tokens very easily and at no cost!

By logging into your HiCoin account on Telegram and answering just one question per day, you will earn 2.5 HiCoins, an amount that increases if you also participate in certain tasks offered by the blockchain.

Binance: lots of airdrops for users

One of the most famous exchanges in the world. Binance allows all registered users to participate in periodic initiatives featuring various cryptocurrencies!

By making deposits, taking quizzes, or watching videos and participating in challenges, we can earn crypto percentages or other rewards.

An example? The latest project concerns the COTI ecosystem, which currently grants 2% of airdrop.

CEX.IO: 3000 free Solana

CEX.IO is a cryptocurrency ecosystem and trading platform that accepts Visa, MasterCard, bank transfers and other payment methods. It is currently giving away a total of USD 3,000 in $SOL to 20 lucky participants.

You can sign up for the initiative and complete simple tasks to earn digital currencies. A total of 20 participants will be randomly selected to win up to USD 500 in $SOL. CEX.IO is also giving away up to 200% in $DOT staking rewards to users who purchase or deposit at least $1DOT.

Tamadoge: win $100k in crypto

Are you familiar with meme-coins? The latest frontier regarding this particular type of cryptocurrency is Tamadoge Coin.

The latter has presented an incredible offer that will expire in about 10 days and is well worth taking part in! You can, in fact, win USD 100,000 in Tamadoge Coin simply by participating in a contest where there are 9 different ways to enter the airdrop.

So, which of these airdrops sounds most interesting to you?

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