Amazon Prime Video, advertising arrives from 2024

Elizabeth Smith

There were those who said it would be close. And time has proven him right. Advertising will also arrive on Amazon Prime Video from 2024.

The inclusion of commercial content is not an absolute novelty in the world of streaming services. Many users, fans of movies, TV series and other programs, have already experienced this annoyance. In particular, other services such as Netflix and Disney+ had already inserted advertisements.

Now, the news that dissatisfied many users becomes reality also for those who use Prime video.

We’re almost there before we have to accept that ads interrupt our favorite shows. However, it must be said that for the moment a specific date has only been revealed for the United States. Furthermore, some users will be able to choose not to see commercial content, obviously paying a little extra.

Amazon Prime Video introduces advertising after Netflix and Disney+

The many platforms that we have available today to watch films, TV series and programs are now more than loved by many fans, so much so that many have even abandoned the habit of watching TV.

They allow us to discover new products, to binge watch without too many problems or hassles and, initially, even to do without advertising breaks.

Unfortunately, however, things have changed quite a bit in recent times. Last year, Netflix permanently blocked the ability to share accounts, also introducing a subscription with advertising. Subsequently, Disney+ also made the same decision, following in his footsteps and hoping to achieve the same success.

Amazon’s email for US users

It was only a matter of time, then. Advertising is also arriving on Amazon Prime Video.

For the moment, the news affects US users, who have already received a notice via email from Amazon explaining the reasons for this choice and the options available.

And the motivation is always the same, as evidenced by the announcement sent to users by Jeff Bezos’ company which clarifies that the introduction of advertising breaks: “it will allow us to continue to invest in engaging content and to continue to increase that investment over a long period of time.”

In short, it can be said that streaming services, created as a more practical and convenient alternative for users, now increasingly resemble television itself.

Advertising on Amazon Prime Video: since when?

But why has the email only reached US users for the moment? The introduction of advertising on Prime Video does not have a unique date for all countries.

What we know at the moment is that the first to suffer this revolution will be the United States. In fact, users have already received the notice which also contains the reference date for the introduction of commercial content: we are talking about January 29, 2024.

For other countries, however, the arrival of advertising on Prime Video is expected some time later, but still imminent. By the end of the year, in fact, advertisements will interrupt series, films and programs in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

How much to pay to not see advertising on Prime Video

The US experience already offers us a first idea of what the alternatives proposed by Prime Video will be to skip advertising.

As we have seen, the news will take place starting from January 29, 2024. From that day, however, an increase in the subscription is not expected. In essence, the Prime Video subscription will not undergo changes in 2024.

What changes is that a new subscription will be introduced – advertising-free subscription – which will require an extra cost of $2.99 per month.

The user will therefore be able to choose to subscribe to the new subscription, thus avoiding programs, series and films being interrupted by advertisements. If, however, you do not sign up for the new subscription, you will be able to continue using the current one, aware of the introduction of advertising starting from 2024.

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