Who are digital nomads: the new trend of working online while traveling

Learn the basics of living and working as digital nomads. Get expert advice on how to become one and make money while travelling.
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Would you prefer working for a company while traveling around the world? You might meet people who may be working in their home office, and the very next day, they are still working while tanning on a beach in Hawaii.

These people plan their life in such a perfect way that they can enjoy an interesting lifestyle without needing to work a 9-5 desk job. They are like nomads. or more specifically, digital nomads.

Who is a digital nomad

Digital Nomads are workers who move from one location to another while working virtually. They utilize the current technology, and with the help of mobile phones, laptops, and mobile hotspots, they perform their work while traveling. 

Also, in recent years, digital nomads have become a trend. And currently, more than 30 percent of workers worldwide are remote employees.

Benefits of being a digital nomad

There are numerous benefits of being a digital nomad. Apart from the active lifestyle and beautiful places, you also get more leisure time and can build strong relationships:

1. Traveling to new places

Certainly, the best advantage of being a Digital Nomad is the freedom to travel to new places. You might be on a beach one day, and the very next day, you might be hiking in a mountain range. So, if you love traveling to new places, you will greatly benefit from the digital nomad lifestyle.

2. Simple lifestyle

The digital nomad lifestyle is also very simple. All you need to do is work for a certain amount of time in a day whenever you like. You will have adequate time to perform other activities. Moreover, you also become more productive and skillful when you get ample rest in a day.

3. Become more adaptable

Being a digital nomad is about adapting to new places and cultures. Every nation in the globe has its own culture and setting. So, if you are a digital nomad and have traveled to many locations, you become more adaptable to changes.

4. Less stress

Being a digital nomad is also a stress-free job. You don’t have to travel daily to your office, hustle with your colleagues, and get directions from your boss if you are a digital nomad. This results in a less stressful working environment.

5. Build lasting relationships

Since you can work on your own schedule by being a digital nomad, you have enough free time for your loved ones. This helps you build lasting relationships. Also, you will meet new people while traveling to new places, and you might form lifelong friendships with some of them. 

Disadvantages of being a digital nomad

A digital nomad’s lifestyle can be immensely rewarding. But, as with all lifestyles, there are some potential downsides that you should consider before taking the plunge. 

One of the biggest drawbacks to being a digital nomad is the need for more stability. Unlike traditional jobs, where your income and responsibilities stay relatively consistent from month to month, digital nomads often find themselves constantly searching for new clients or projects to keep their income steady. This can be especially difficult if you need a reliable source of work or a contract that guarantees your income. 

Another disadvantage to being a digital nomad is feeling lonely and disconnected from the rest of the world. While it can be liberating to work from anywhere in the world, you’re ultimately on your own most of the time. As you don’t have coworkers or a team of people around you likes in a regular job setting, this might cause feelings of loneliness and separation.

Additionally, since digital nomads often work in different countries and often on tight budgets, they may only sometimes have access to the same healthcare or insurance that they would back home. This can expose them to potentially costly medical bills if something goes wrong abroad. 

Finally, being a digital nomad requires a lot of discipline and self-motivation, as you need someone to answer to or corporate structure and deadlines to force you into action. You must be able to motivate yourself every day, which over time might become exhausting.

How to become a digital nomad

You will need to consider a few things to become a digital nomad:

1. Do your research 

Doing adequate research is the most important task before taking any job. If you want to be a doctor, you should know what a doctor does. You should know about the corporate workspace and timing if you want to work in a corporation. 

2. Don’t spend any money on unnecessary expenses

Another significant part of being a digital nomad is knowing where to spend. Since the lifestyle of digital nomads is quite expensive, you should know how to manage your expenses. So, make sure to put a budget to assess all the expenses that are a necessity for you.

3. Make sure you have some extra savings

However, making a budget and cutting expenses is not enough. Before working as a digital nomad, you need to save some money first. Since you will be traveling from place to place, you might face a sudden emergency. And you need to have the necessary savings to avoid getting into some big trouble.

4. You must have travel insurance

Traveling to beautiful new places is the best experience for many people. However, it is only sometimes pleasing. You might face an accident, lose your stuff or get sick. Thus, you need travel insurance that applies to all your locations to be immune to travel risks.

5. Sharpen up your skills 

Lastly, you need to sharpen up your skills. Having great communication skills is one of the most vital skills that a Digital Nomad should master. This is because they work miles away from the office. And they need to convey their message with utmost efficiency to perform their job perfectly. In addition to that, you all need management, technical, and other skills.

Ideal jobs for digital nomads

Before starting a digital nomad journey, you must first find employment and demonstrate your effectiveness by working from home. You can look for jobs on websites like We Work Remotely. You can also find freelance jobs on websites like Upwork based on your expertise. 

There are jobs like Accounting, Customer Service, Design, Virtual Assistant, IT, Editing, Writing, Marketing, etc., that support a digital nomad lifestyle. So, choose the profession you most like based on your skills and interests, and easily find a freelance job.

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