Telephoning without a line with VoWiFi: what is it and who can use it

Elizabeth Smith

A new technology that allows calls even without a line, but without having to resort to Whatsapp calls or other apps, is finally landing in our country. It’s called VoWiFi or WiFi Calling: here’s how it works.

The lack of a stable telephone line is a problem that plagues those who do not live in large centers. When you don’t get reception, you can’t make important calls and are constantly moving around in hopes of finding it again.

But with the evolution of the Internet, we finally have help, thanks to a new technology that takes full advantage of the Web. It’s called VoWiFi, a new method that doesn’t need Whatsapp because it makes real phone calls. But not everyone can use it yet: let’s see how it works and what its limitations are.

What is VoWiFi and what is it used for?

The problem that has been raised is that of low reception quality for the phone line. Those who live in large cities may not be affected, but as the locations become more suburban, it often happens.

Repeaters and antennas are not always so many, and when the signal does not pick up, people try to make up for it with an Internet call, such as those from Whatsapp (which also tests group calls), Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, and the like.

The problem is that “web” calls do not remedy the problem, because they are much more unstable even if the internet line is sufficient, and generally plagued by lag (voice or video coming in with a long delay).

That is why VoWiFi technology, or also WiFi Calling, was born. It allows you to make and receive normal phone calls, those with the SIM (and therefore not Whatsapp-type calls). But, taking advantage of the WiFi connection instead of the traditional line.

VoWiFi works as if WiFi acts as a back-up to the phone line to take charge of passing its blocks of data, so they arrive regularly between the two SIMs. It does not work with mobile data.

Taking advantage of VoWiFi not only significantly improves the quality of phone calls over Whatsapp or other apps. But you can also continue to receive incoming calls on the traditional SIM even though there is no phone line. In addition, there is no cost difference between a regular call and WiFi Calling.

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Who can use VoWiFi and how: limitations and current situation

Not everyone will be able to use this technological innovation, and not freely anyway. First of all, VoWiFi is not yet available on all smartphone models, although the list is updated regularly. But it also varies by operator, we will see in a moment how.

In this regard, some commercials are boasting about the possibility of calling with WiFi, and the reason is simple. For the moment only a few operators can offer it.

Please note. VoWiFi can be used only if the WiFi you rely on is from the same operator as your SIM. The reason is privacy. If otherwise allowed, packets would go through an operator not authorized to handle our calls, with potential dangers. But this limits the use of the technology quite a bit, because even if we had everything enabled, we could not take advantage of WiFi in homes with different operators.

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