What is Rabbit R1: the new device with AI that paves the way for the smartphones of the future

We have become accustomed to thinking of AI as a support for PCs, smartphones and voice assistants of all kinds. But a new revolutionary device wants to retire them all: the Tamagotchi of the future is called Rabbit R1.

Since generative Artificial Intelligence made its debut, the approach to technology has changed. Every day a new AI arrives that helps our activities, with mixed results. AI is currently at the service of the devices we already used: PCs, phones, voice assistants. But a new little object wants to do more, create a new approach to AI, make things absolutely simpler: it’s Rabbit R1, here’s what it is and how it works.

Rabbit R1, what is the new device with Artificial Intelligence

While many are wondering what the future of smartphones will be, the possible revolution comes from a Santa Monica start-up, simply called “Rabbit”. It has just launched a brand new device called Rabbit R1.

It is a portable-sized device, as wide and thick as an average smartphone but half the height. To be clear, it looks like a folding “flip” when closed. It is powered by a Mediatek Helio P35 processor, has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, can accommodate a SIM and has a USB port.

It weighs just 115 grams, has a 2.88-inch touchscreen display, a camera that rotates 360 large, a single physical button and a wheel. The phrase pronounced at the beginning of the presentation becomes emblematic. “Our mission is to create the simplest computer, something so intuitive that you won’t have to learn how to use it”.

Rabbit R1, in fact, bases its uniqueness on Rabbit OS, a revolutionary operating system with an ambitious goal: “To break away from app-based operating systems, currently used in smartphones”, because “the future of interfaces should be more intuitive”, as says the CEO.

Rabbit OS, in fact, does not have any apps. The user never has to navigate or open apps. Instead, “a natural language-centric approach“. R1 listens, looks, learns, visualizes and speaks, so much so that his creator calls him “Buddy”. The bunny will literally take care of everything, offering the user only the results, without any other frills.

How Rabbit R1 works: here’s everything it can do

The idea started from some criticisms that the CEO expressed towards modern technology. “The smartphone has become the best device for wasting time instead of earning it,” and then “AIs like ChatGPT are very good at understanding intentions, but can be better at taking actions.”

Rabbit R1 works on these principles. To use it, simply hold down the physical button and ask a question or request with your voice, or shake it and write the question on the on-screen keyboard. At this point, in a few moments the device will provide an answer, both by speaking and by displaying the results. End.

The user does not see any app. But only the result he needs directly, already in the final form, whatever it may be. Rabbit OS can immediately return music, maps, searches, travel or taxi planning, online purchases. If the user has to make a decision (such as payments or orders), he will have to press a confirmation button.

And it’s not over. Thanks to the 360-degree rotatable camera, the user can make vision-based requests to the rabbit, for example detect where you are, create recipes based on what’s in the fridge, give advice on how to arrange an Excel file. The rabbit watches, analyzes and then responds, all on its own.

The apps to do all these things are obviously present in the system, but only Rabbit OS uses them. The user will never see them, because the device overcomes this barrier and does everything by itself, with extreme convenience.

In some cases, the user will have to decide which app to do things with. For example, if you ask Rabbit OS for music, it can use Spotify, but also YouTube or Apple Music. In this case, you can customize the experience by connecting R1 to your PC and selecting options.

Rabbit R1 is within everyone’s reach: price and release

Part of the Rabbit OS revolution is due to the price. Despite its impact, R1 costs only $199.

In short, it costs as much as a low-end smartphone and less than a third of the Humane AI Pin, truly affordable for every budget. Furthermore, the company promises that the purchase is one-off: there are no subscriptions or hidden costs.

Pre-orders for Rabbit R1 began on January 9, 2024. The first two blocks (already sold out) will be shipped and delivered during the spring, therefore at least starting from April. The next ones will come soon after.

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