What happens to the smartphone two years after purchase?

Elizabeth Smith

From technology made to last to technology made to end soon? This phenomenon is not just fantasy, it really exists. In some cases, this is what happens to the smartphone just over 2 years after purchase. But we must distinguish the premeditated event from the natural one, finding out more about the mysterious “planned obsolescence”.

What happens to the smartphone after 2 years?

The term “planned obsolescence” refers to the practice of purposely causing a device to become obsolete after some time. In short, the producers would ensure that its use becomes impossible, difficult, problematic or in any case worsened after a certain time, and all this in a voluntary and planned way.

The objective is strictly marketing. Thus, to induce the consumer to purchase a newer device, because the old one no longer meets his needs or in any case becomes unattractive and snappy compared to a new purchase.

The average time associated with planned obsolescence has a specific reason. It is two years because it is the expiry of the generic guarantee. In this way, a double aim would be achieved, that is, to make an object obsolete precisely when repairs become too expensive.

The means to achieve it would be various, including for example:

  • low-quality components that deteriorate after some use;

  • components specifically created to reduce performance after a certain amount of time has elapsed;

  • external software updates that purposely degrade your phone’s performance, even when the hardware is still working perfectly.

Now we know what planned obsolescence is, but the world is divided between those who openly accuse it and those who believe it is just perception. What is the truth?

When is it time to change your smartphone?

Today, changing phones is rarer and there are proposals such as the repairable smartphone from FairPhone. We therefore ask ourselves: when is the time to change smartphones without guilt?

Today the battery is the most perishable component of the phone: after a few years its lifespan decreases. However, manufacturers are increasing their efforts, and furthermore, if you follow the advice to increase battery life, it can make your phone last up to five years.

When a battery lasts too little to allow normal use, it should be replaced where possible, or the entire smartphone should be replaced. It is good to know the precise references on how to understand if the battery needs to be changed.

Furthermore, a change is recommended when the space is always insufficient and does not allow you to update the system and apps, even after trying to free the memory in every way.

Finally, a phone should be replaced if it is so old that it no longer supports the necessary applications. Some examples are banking, chat and security. In this case it is better to put it aside, preserve it nostalgically, and rely on something that simply works.

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