US, President Biden collapses in the election polls: he is at the lowest point of his political career

Elizabeth Smith

Joe Biden has slumped in the latest election polls released by Nbc News. The White House tenant is at the darkest hour of his first presidential term and is in danger of leaving a lot of ground for his Republican rivals.

Among the reasons that are making Biden very unpopular among Americans is surely his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

US, President Joe Biden plummets in the polls: possible causes

Joe Biden’s popularity is at an all-time low as polls show the lowest peak since his election to date. The data speak of 40% support, thus much less than half.

The incumbent U.S. president even finished behind Donald Trump, former president of the United States of America who will have to answer in court because of his indictment on as many as 13 counts (out of 34 he was initially charged with).

This is not the first time that the former U.S. president has gained more support than Biden and surpassed him in the polls. As recently as two months ago, in September 2023, the Tycoon was ahead of Biden by 10 percentage points, according to the results of the poll conducted by Washnigton Post-Abc News.

The motivations behind the collapse of the US president

Joe Biden, of late, is not liked by the U.S. people. If the White House tenant’s numbers have been increasingly falling since September, it is due to his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The US president supported the Tel Aviv government by announcing an aid package for Israel. But he also decided to help civilians in Gaza and the West Bank by approving a $100 million package taken from US funds. Added to this aid is civilian and military aid to Ukraine, which is still at war with Russia.

Conflicts, besides bringing death and destruction, also create enormous damage to the world economy. In fact, the United States of America is among the countries most affected by inflation. The increase in war and civilian aid has led to huge economic consequences, about which the U.S. people are not happy.

The U.S. people also believe that Biden is too old to continue leading the country. On many occasions, the president, has given rise to real gaffes even in the presence of leaders of other nations.

Therefore, his lucidity has been questioned because according to a good portion of Americans, such episodes by their president are related to his age. The solution, therefore, would be to bring to the White House a younger politician with clearer and more precise ideas, especially regarding domestic economic management.

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