US elections, what is the Taylor Swift effect and why Republicans fear it

The Taylor Swift effect from reality to conspiracy: what it is and how it can influence the American elections.

What is the Taylor Swift effect? And why could it influence the US presidential election? This is the name of the new enemy of the Republicans who are crying conspiracy. And, fear that the singer’s enormous media consensus could play against them and get Joe Biden re-elected.

Republicans believe the presidential election could be affected by the Taylor Swift effect

Let’s go step by step. On the one hand there is the singer Taylor Swift. Who, on very few occasions, has exposed herself politically by siding with the Democrats. The first time the artist spoke about politics and elections dates back to 2020. Then, she announced that she would support Joe Biden’s candidacy for the White House.

According to the New York Times, even for the next elections, the billionaire superstar who boasts millions of followers on social networks could renew her support for outgoing president Joe Biden. I

In this regard, it makes sense to think that the Taylor Swift effect is a real media weapon against the Republican Party. This, as the singer could shift millions of votes towards the Democratic Party.

However, it is not possible to demonstrate how Taylor Swift’s words could really have such an impact on the final result of the US presidential elections. The singer, in fact, in addition to announcing her alleged support for the democratic candidate, would not carry out any voter campaign either during her concerts or on her social channels.

From the concrete to the surreal: a new conspiracy theory

If the Taylor Swift effect is something concrete that could happen, what is incredibly surreal is a contention by some members of the Republican Party that the deep state is using Taylor Swift to harm Americans and ruin the integrity of November elections.

The absurd conspiracy theory concerns the love relationship between the singer and the athlete Travis Kelce who will play in the Super Bowl final on February 11, 2024. The most avid supporter of this theory is the republican Vivek Ramaswamy.

According to Ramaswamy, therefore, the team in which Taylor Swift’s partner plays should win. And, on the podium, he and the artist should loudly announce their support for the Democrats.

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