UN: Israeli raids on Jabaliya refugee camp could constitute a war crime

Elizabeth Smith

Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza hit again by Israeli air force attack. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said the bombing could constitute a war crime.

The war between Israel and Hamas has reached its 26th day. The Palestinian death toll in Gaza has surpassed 8,525, while there are more than 20,000 wounded.

In the occupied West Bank there are at least 112 casualties, while there are 1,900 wounded.

Israeli attacks on Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza

At least 195 Palestinians would be killed in two series of Israeli airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp, according to Hamas, while Gaza is now besieged on three sides, with the main access routes under Israeli control.

The Israel Defense Forces explained that they were targeting two Hamas commanders, who were reportedly killed. About 120 people are still reported missing under the rubble and at least 777 are reported injured.

Israel shelled the Jabaliya refugee camp twice, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thus causing extensive property damage in this small, densely populated area and killing dozens of civilians on each occasion, according to Hamas, but also according to AFPTV footage.

Rescuers said “entire families” have died. Israel has struck more than 11,000 targets in Gaza since Oct. 7, when Hamas gunmen stormed into Israel killing 1,400 people, including many civilians killed in cold blood.

Many nations have supported Israel’s right to retaliate against Hamas. But as the number of civilians has increased, so has criticism of Israeli tactics.

Mokhiber: “This is genocide”

Craig Mockhiber, a former U.N. official and director of the New York office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, says Israel’s attacks on Gaza have resulted in the deaths of nearly 9,000 Palestinians and this constitutes genocide.

He then launches accusations against the United Nations, reported in his resignation letter, in which he highlights the organization’s inaction “once again failed to intervene.”

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