Trump officially runs for 2024 Presidential Election and declares: “With Biden, risk of nuclear war”

Donald Trump is running again for the 2024 US Presidential Election. The news was expected and is now official.
trump election 2024

Donald Trump is running again for the 2024 US Presidential Election for the Republican Party. The news was expected, had been in the air for a few weeks already and is now official.

Overnight at a press conference at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, the former US president officially announced that he will run again in the Republican Party primaries to try to become US president again.

Donald Trump is running again for the 2024 US presidential election

Donald Trump probably expected a different outcome from the Midterm elections held on 8 November. Trump certainly expected a much stronger Republican wave and that Joe Biden might emerge ‘worse’ from that election confrontation.

Instead, even though a runoff for the Senate in Georgia on 6 December is pending, which will give the final shape to the Senate, the Republicans failed to break through and failed to take control of the Senate.

Trump has tried to play it safe and convinced that – even if the Republican Party at the moment does not seem at all united behind his leadership – eventually everyone in the Great Old Party will support him in his new run for the White House after his success in 2016 and his disputed defeat in 2020.

The Republican Party does not seem to be entirely convinced as mentioned. Many voters would welcome another figure. Such as re-elected Florida Governor Ron De Santis who is one of the rising stars of the Republican Party. But Trump has decided to go his own way and run again.

Donald Trump attacks Joe Biden: “He destroyed the American economy”

During his speech at one of his residences in Florida, Trump announced exactly one week before the Midterm elections, his candidacy in the American prime time on the East Coast.

Trump relaunched his slogan ‘America First‘. Trump in the presence of a crowd of his supporters made no secret of his criticism of the current administration. He emphasised that:

“To make America great and glorious again, I will run for the White House.”

And then the attack on President Joe Biden:

“He destroyed the American economy, we will quickly build the greatest economy in history. I assure you that Joe Biden will not have another four years. This will not be my campaign, this will be your campaign.”

Trump also announced that if he is re-elected to the White House he wants to crack down on election laws.

Trump second attack to Biden: “We are close to World War III with him”

Of course there was no shortage of foreign and international policy hints obviously centred on the war in Ukraine. With an attack also in a domestic key.

Trump’s accusation against Biden is of ‘the decline and humiliation of the nation, before the country was at peace, prosperous and respected on the international stage. With ‘me’ what is happening in Ukraine would never have happened, and even the Democrats admit it. People are mad and angry and we have a president who falls asleep at international summits and is laughed at. He is taking us to the brink of nuclear war’.

Trump runs for office: Biden’s reply from Bali

While Donald Trump announced his candidacy in the Republican Party primaries, Joe Biden is busy with all the major world leaders at the G20 summit in Indonesia.

And in between meetings obviously mainly on the subject of the war in Ukraine and how to respond to Moscow, Biden found time to write a sibylline sentence on his own social media: “Trump has been rejected by America”.

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