Tricks and strategies for growing and earning faster on TikTok

Do you have a TikTok account and want to improve as a creator? Follow some tricks and best strategies to grow and earn faster on the fastest and most used platform of the moment

If you, like many, are on TikTok as a creator, looking for some success for your daily videos and content, know that you might just be getting your strategy wrong, and taking the right steps doesn’t take much: you just need to know them. So let us explain some tricks to grow on TikTok, gain new followers, become more successful, and maybe start earning money faster than before.

Among the tricks to grow on TikTok the Pro Account for a professional job

Even before you start “working” on TikTok you should know that a simple account doesn’t provide as much information. To get what you need to grow, you need to enable the Pro Account from the Settings menu.

Enabling the Pro Account is free, and it will give you the ability to immediately see various statistics about your profile and content, such as demographics and performance data. The premise is that you will need to study this data in order to come up with content that is suitable for the audience receiving it.

In addition to providing metrics, the Pro Account also gives you the opportunity to activate monetization, which is otherwise impossible. To get it, however, you will have to reach at least 10000 followers and at least 10000 video views in the last 30 days.

Present yourself at your best: the importance of the profile

Even before you start, you should give your profile the proper attention. Yes because, if a potential follower likes your content seen by chance, he will take a little trip to your personal profile before following you. And he will only follow you if he likes it.

Go to the “Me” section and then to “Edit Profile” and do what you have to, which is to present yourself in the best possible way by following these tips.

Choose a catchy and easy-to-remember name, thinking of yourself as if you were a brand. People remember Nutella, Coca-Cola, Pokémon, H&M, because they are brands with simple and direct names. You need to do the same.

Your profile picture or video is your biggest calling card. Take great care of this, perhaps asking a photographer or videomaker friend for the perfect shot or video.

Briefly and attractively fill out the bio, which is read by many users, and fill in the fields on the website and other social accounts-these will give the idea that you are an organized, precise, and complete character on each platform.

Discover, know and pander to your audience

In any area of digital marketing, this is the case. In fact, the converse is identical when thinking about the best times to post on Instagram. It is critical to discover, know and ultimately pander to your specific audience.

Use both TikTok data, your personal knowledge, and new research to discover your ideal audience. Search for content like yours both on the web and on social, see the most successful accounts, and analyze which types of people interact with them the most.

At this point, again helping yourself with TikTok metrics and peeking at their profiles, try to get to know these people. You need to understand, at least vaguely, what they like most. That way you can somewhat humor them, that is, create content that stays uniquely yours, but comes close to their favorite topics, so as to attract them to you.

Ride the wave from the start and participate as much as you can

The focus of TikTok is mainly on trends, so to grow the best trick is to ride the wave of what is in vogue. In particular, you will be more successful if you can catch a trend just when it is becoming popular: at the beginning.

To grow quickly, pay attention to the fads of the moment and make them your own, perhaps adapting the trend to your specific topic, to be original and not “scripted.” To get there, spend time to search the platform and the web for all the growing trends.

Then don’t forget to participate in the challenges of the moment, and interact directly with those who have already used the trend or challenge. If so, choose micro-influencers related to you and collaborate with them, or create “duet” videos, or even answer others’ questions, generating interactions.

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Don’t forget right hashtags, days and times

If you’ve been hanging around in content creation for quite some time you’ll already know this, but sometimes it crosses your mind: you should never underestimate the basic elements of social, such as hashtags and posting times.

Hashtags should be selected carefully because TikTok rewards them a lot, especially in case your video is consistent, precisely, with the trend of the moment. Again, spend extra time figuring out which ones are most popular (but they must not be too generic or your content will get lost in the crowd).

And finally, days and times also remain very important. Each different target audience (identified at the beginning) has its best days and times to publish, based on the habits of when they use TikTok. Before creating your editorial calendar, research your audience, look at metrics, and find out when they are connecting so you will post at the right time.

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