Top 10 new technologies of 2022

The end of 2022 is around the corner, and these are the 10 best new technologies that shaped the world in which we live.
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Do you observe the growth of innovation and new technologies in the past few decades? Humanity has been making massive strides in technology and technical capabilities in 2022. However, the industrial revolution was a major catalyst in the rise of technical innovations. It seems, perhaps, rightly so, that human growth and development are linked to higher technological innovations

With the rise of the Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI), doors have opened up to more and more technologies, innovations, inventions, and the rise of new ideas that could make human lives easier, more comfortable, and more secure.

Let us explore the top 10 new technologies that we currently have in 2022.

1. Data trusts

Data trusts are legal structures that seek to manage and protect someone else’s data on their behalf. In data trusts, one party authorizes another to make decisions on their behalf in such a way that the collective benefit of all the stakeholders is achieved. Most data trusts depend on open-source technology. The legal framework around data trusts involves ‘fiduciary duties’ wherein the platforms or companies must deal with the clients’ sensitive data with impartiality and transparency.

2. Green hydrogen

In the universe, hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element; however, only a small percentage exists in gaseous form. Extraction of hydrogen requires industrial processes.

The hydrogen obtained by passing electricity through water (known as electrolysis) is green hydrogen. It is considered the “fuel of the future” because it does not emit any greenhouse emissions and produces three times more energy than other fuels. 

3. Extended reality

In Extended Reality (XR), multiple technologies are merged together, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). XR blends real-life elements with various virtual graphics generated by computers and humans to create vast new sets of enriching experiences and stimulations (for example, Metaverse).

People thus can have virtual experiences that seem realistic. XR benefits learning and training. It is also a great asset to the entertainment industry. Accessibility and affordability, however, remain a few of the key challenges of this technology.

4. Smart homes

Smart Home technologies involve the use of automation and internet-connected devices to provide security and comfort in an energy-efficient way.

You can control almost all aspects of your home using the Internet of Things (IoT) and central control. Today there is a large range of technology, such as smart TVs, smart thermostats, light automation, etc., that are also easy to install and use, and can be controlled simply by smart-home apps.

5. Messenger RNA vaccine

The mRNA vaccine is an innovation in vaccines that do not rely on injecting a dead or weak virus into our bodies. Instead, it uses laboratory-created mRNA that produces proteins similar to the targeted virus.

Immune cells respond to the virus by creating antibodies, which prevent future infections. This has been used to develop immunity against the Zika virus and rabies, and its potential is also being researched in cancer treatment.

6. CRISPR technology

CRISPR technology allows researchers and scientists to modify and alter gene function and DNA sequence. The natural defense response of bacteria against the virus inspires it.

Some bacteria are known to ward off future attacks from viruses by stealing a part of the virus’s DNA and imbibing it into their own. The technology, still being developed, has potential benefits in treating and preventing diseases and genetic defects.

7. Hyper-accurate positioning

Unlike the Global Positioning System (GPS), which has an accuracy of about 5-10 meters, newer technology in the positioning system, such as the Hyper-Accurate Positioning system, actually gives you an accuracy of about a few centimeters or millimeters. Developed by China, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) provides a high-density ground-based augmentation system. It allows precision and is helpful in applications in autonomous cars, wearable devices, etc.

8. 3D printing

It is now possible to make solid 3-dimensional objects from a digital file! Through an additive process, the use of 3D printing to put layer by layer of material to create an object. A benefit of this technology is that it requires less material to create more complex shapes. A large number of industries are now acquiring 3D printing technology. Production eyewear, footwear, dental products, and even fossil reconstruction require 3D printing additive processes. 

9. Genetic prediction

There are several tools that help identify the location of a gene. This includes protein-coding and RNA genes. It helps identify functional genes, intron, exon, splicing sites, regulatory sites, gene encoding is known proteins, motifs, EST, ACR, etc.

It can help predict future phenotypic traits of individuals and is also useful in cross-breeding

10. Multi-skilled AI

By improving how technologies respond and by targeting their senses and perceptions, Artificial Intelligence can be rendered even more useful and intelligent. AI’s can perform multiple tasks if we enhance and improve the understanding of the world.

We can use robots to perform a wide variety of tasks that involve visual, audio, and tactile data. Research and development are still going on, on Multi-skilled AI, and its potential application still has a long way to go.

Are the technological developments of 2022 for everyone?

Today, it is possible to live a comfortable life with the help of technology. However, one big issue we find in most of the technology is the lack of accessibility and affordability. A big reason for the slow advancement in technology continues to be the lack of inclusivity in the spaces.

Technological fields must open up to people from marginalized backgrounds and make technological advancement and technology itself accessible and affordable for a large section of society.

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