Top 10 emerging technologies in transportation

Sushree Behera

One of the foremost inventions that led to the domination of humanity over other species is the invention of wheels. Transportation has always been a core of our progress. The emerging technologies in transportation have paved the way for commerce and business to flourish. As the world moves towards a more advanced and sustainable future, the science of it all has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Technology, in its grandest sense, has become a reason for many of these inventions in the transportation field to aid society and commerce. From maglev trains to smart roads, it all contributes to our progress and future as humanity. Let us learn more about these emerging technologies in transportation in the next section. 

Top 10 emerging technologies in transportation 

Since humanity has begun to evolve, transportation has been significant for getting cultures together. It contributes to the process of sharing wisdom and constructing thriving societies. As the world advances into a tech-induced reality, the below inventions will pave the way for exciting and thrilling experiences humans can have. Here are the top 10 emerging technologies in transportation that pose as a tool for building a progressive and innovative future: 

1. Maglev trains

They are not the typical trains one encounters in day-to-day travel. Maglev trains are the foremost pioneers of emerging technologies in transport. There is a good reason for it. These trains utilize magnetic levitation and formidable electromagnets to create top speed with little sound. When compared to conventional trains, they are much better off because Maglev trains do not require fossil fuels to power them. They utilize the magnetic field made for that very purpose. 

2. Multi-directional elevators

Thyssen Krupp, a German elevator producer, is manufacturing the globe’s first sideways-moving and rope-less elevator. Conventional elevators can only travel up and down. But these sophisticated machines possess the ability to travel sideways as well by utilizing magnetic levitation. Carbon fiber bearings, also named slings, help perform this feat of traveling sideways. 

3. Flying taxis

Emerging technologies in transportation have paved the way for what seemed like a dream some decades ago to become a futuristic reality. Flying taxis are just what they sound like; they are small plans that aid people in traveling from one city to another.

About 20 companies in the world are currently working on its prototype. Unlike ground taxis, which are always prey to traffic and other traffic problems, they are limited in their services. Flying taxis can render safe, cheap rides for the passengers. However, government protocols and regulations are the most formidable challenge to flying taxis. 

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4. Delivery drones

Drones are the most used tools in the world at present. This piece of emerging technology in transportation has been a vital tool for delivering items from the place of shipment to its end destination. Delivery drones possess the capability to deliver food and medication to the most isolated parts of the world. They come in handy, especially in the African regions where access to food and meds is scarce. 

5. Hypersonic air travel

Air travel is considered the fastest transportation method. Now, Hypersonic air travel goes even a step further and attempts to fly faster than the speed of sound. Aviation firms are working with this tech which can potentially transcend the speed of sound, i.e., Mach 5 (3,800 mph) or even beyond that. 

6. Driverless cars

There was a time when the world stood stunned during the unveiling of a Tesla car. Cars have always been in the process of evolving. Now that sustainability and progress are concerned, electric and driverless cars are the trend. Companies like Volkswagen, Audi, and Uber are manufacturing these driverless cars, keeping in mind the passenger’s safety. The cars attempt to eliminate the risk of accidents which is so high in the US. 

7. Hyperloop

Hyperloop is the most innovative of the emerging technologies in transportation lot. It was a concept that Elon Musk came up with. It is visualized to serve a group of passengers in a tube through a pressurized track. Many companies are presently working to bring this concept into reality. 

8. Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs)

Autonomous Aerial vehicles are air carriers that function without any human intervention. Just like drones, they are unmanned. Here, GPS performs optimally with a variety of sensors present to aid in navigation. Presently, there’s one unmanned aircraft in the world named EHang 216 AAV, which can travel up to the speed of 80 miles per hour

9. Underground roads

Elon Musk is reimagining the conventional road framework. He is the one who visualized the concept of underground roads. This concept attempts to solve the problem of city infrastructure. These 3D roads, which are weatherproof, will help with the traffic and boost transportation. 

10. Smart roads

As the cities have become smart, it only makes sense that roads have become smart, too. Digitally designed roads, aka smart roads, possess sensors in the framework that will be used for various purposes. Smart roads collect information about traffic and public transit which might help the authorities to control the accidents.

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