The 10 countries leading the way in robotics

Sushree Behera

Lately, many technologically advanced countries are focusing on robotics. Robotics and artificial intelligence offer a futuristic vision of the world. As of 2021, more than 3 million robots were in operation. Since the creation of the first electronic robot in England by William Grey Walter in 1948, many technologically advanced countries have started focusing on robotics. 

Nations like China, Germany, Japan, etc., are heavily investing in manufacturing robots, trying to ace the list of the top 10 countries in robotics. But which other countries top this list? Let’s explore!

1. Hong Kong

With beautiful temples and a rich nightlife, it’s amazing how Hong Kong has excelled in the field of robotics, too. A 2021 report announced that Hong Kong is equipped with advanced manufacturing and research infrastructure, and hence, it has 304 robots per 10,000 people. Going by this number, Hong Kong’s count of robot units lies somewhere between 200.000 and 230.000.

Also, two of Hong Kong’s most prominent robotic startups are Insight Robotics and Rehab Robotics. As a fact of honor, Hong Kong was also the host of Hanson Robotics.

2. United States

Known for its excellence in international affairs, technology, and defense, America leads the way in robotics, too. America currently has more than 250 robots per 10000 people. America’s tech corporations like Nvidia, Rockwell Automation, Cognex, and Inc are strongly concentrating on robotics. 

In the past decade, the United States of America has made a record in the adoption of industrial robots. However, in 2020, the installation rate slowed down and fell by 8 percent. However, America is confident in raising the bar again with its advanced robotic technology.

3. Sweden

With 321 robots per 10000 people as of 2021, Sweden is one of the leading countries in the field of robotics. A large number of universities and research institutes in Sweden are highly focused on robotics only. For example, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the most prominent institute in Sweden that deals with it. 

A headline stated that Sweden also has a lab robot named Eve that is capable of accomplishing heavy duty. Sweden also takes help from American-based companies for its robotic research. 

4. Denmark

Denmark is a European country that has 234 robots per 10000 of its citizens. As a matter of fact, the Danish robotics industry surely performs as a key asset in the development of robots in Denmark. The industry deals specifically with robotics and automation, including service robots, collaborative robots, and manufacturing automation. 

Universal Robots is another manufacturer in Denmark that deals with this field quite extensively. Universal Robots mainly deal with collaborative robots. The cobots made by the company are helpful in welding, assembly, packaging, etc.

5. China

The International Federation of Robotics announced in 2021 that China added between 235000 and 240000 robots in the market that year. This was almost 44 percent more than the year before that.

Also, in 2021, China had 188 working robots per 10000 people in the country. China has included many industrial robots in operation in the meantime. One of the best companies in China that deals with robotics and artificial intelligence is Siasun Robot and Automation. 

6. Germany

With a strong education system, technological sector, and automation level, Germany is a highly developing country in the field of robotics. Talking about the best-performing companies in Germany that deal with robotics and AI, the names Siemens and KUKA will always pop up. 

Germany had more than 400 robots per 10000 people in the 2020-2021 session. Impressively, Germany surpassed its level and manufactured more than 40000 robots in 2021. 

7. Taiwan

Taiwan has more than 270 robots per 10000 people, according to a 2021 report by the International Federation of Robotics. Taiwan’s advanced chip-industry infrastructure is a great supporting factor for its robotic manufacturing. With a strong hold on automation and technology, Taiwan is set to be one of the leading global leaders in robotics. 

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8. South Korea

Samsung and LG are the two most prominent companies in South Korea that deal with robotics. The country has a strong technology infrastructure that made it the world’s number one in the adoption of automation.

South Korea has a surprising number of 1000 robots per 10000 people. It is the highest robot count per 10000 people in any country in the world. 

9. Japan

Japan is next to none when it comes to robotics. A 2022 report said that around 45 percent of the world’s industrial robots have their roots in Japan. Surprisingly, the country exports 36 percent of its robots to China alone. 

There are approximately 630-635 robots per 10000 people in Japan. Toyota, Seiko, and Fanuc are the top manufacturers of robots in Japan.

10. Italy

Italy is the second largest industrial robot user in Europe. Although Italy faced a huge drawback in 2021, it still managed to get back on track with the help of automation and robotics funding. 

Italy is one of the leading nations in the use of industrial robots for manufacturing, textile, and cosmetic companies. As of 2020, Italy had 224 robot units per 10000 people. 

These were the top 10 countries that are leading the way in robotics for the entire world. Their research and experiments are surely going to be beneficial to the future generation that will depend greatly on artificial intelligence. 

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