Sustainable lifestyle, all about the three R rule

Sushree Behera

Earth is the most beautiful and lively planet in the solar system. It is the only planet where life is possible. Nature is the primary reason for the survival of the living beings on Earth. Without nature, life on Earth is impossible. 

However, our planet is facing a lot of problems due to human carelessness. Many natural resources are deteriorating at a quick pace. We have to prevent these vital resources from becoming extinct. To accomplish this, the three R rule is the best possible way. 

The three R rule is an eco-friendly set of nature-saving methods. This article aims to describe the rule properly in the content below. 

What is the three R rule? 

Originally proposed to prevent nature and its resources from reaching extinction sooner than the actual deadline, the three R rule is in action. The three Rs are ‘Reduce,’ ‘Reuse,’ and ‘Recycle‘. The three R rule creates awareness among people that we can save a lot by following three basic methods. 

Natural materials, because they do not hamper the atmosphere, have a reputation for being biodegradable. However, non-biodegradable materials cannot be decomposed. To counter this issue, the three R rule is necessary. 

What should we do in the three R rule? 

The three R rule advises people to follow three basic steps instead of throwing or burning plastic materials. 

Reduce – the first R

The first R refers to reduce. The government advises everyone to limit the use of plastic things. In many places, a ban on plastic use has been implemented. 

Many marketplaces have banned the commercial use of plastic bags. Polythenes are dangerous for stray animals, and the gas they emit while burning is very hostile to the atmosphere. Therefore, jute bags and eco-friendly carry bags were introduced a few years back to replace the typical plastic bags. 

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Reuse – the second R

The second R refers to reuse. Instead of throwing away plastic things, the three R rule advises us to reuse them. Plastic bags, covers, packaging, etc. can be reused multiple times. Such plastic things are generally reusable and can carry fruits and vegetables, cosmetic items, household items, and much more. 

You can also use plastic materials to pack things, cover food items, fill holes, etc. Reusing will not only prevent pollution but will also reduce the demand for plastic, thereby cutting the production of it. 

Recycle – the third R

The last method in the three R rules is recycled. Recycling is the best method of optimum utilization of any material. People must give all unused plastic items for recycling and use appropriate machines; these machines will give the same waste materials new shapes.

Waste materials will be converted into new things that people can use efficiently. This method makes it possible to recover energy from waste materials. The recycled products are very close to the original products in terms of quality and texture. 

Benefits of the three R rules

There are many benefits of following the three R rule method. Mother Earth greatly benefits from this rule. 

  1. The three R rule helps prevent global warming by reducing atmospheric pollution;
  2. It creates awareness among people about the importance of natural resources;
  3. It boosts the use of natural resources that were earlier ignored by mankind. Plant-based materials and things can be decomposed; hence, natural resources are way better than artificial ones; 
  4. It creates an eco-friendly atmosphere where living beings and nature live in harmony. It also creates a room of positive interdependence between human beings and the wild;
  5. By following the three R rules, people will be self-aware of their actions and the consequences that may come down upon them. It will make them benevolent and considerate towards nature. 

Aspects related to the three R rule

The three R rule also advises practicing afforestation. Using natural resources will result in the end of it if the balance is not maintained. We have to plant and nurture trees to become eligible for the continuous use of natural materials. 

Nature is abundant, but human demands are way higher. The only way to meet the needs and, at the same time, maintain the ecological balance is to go green. 

This was all about the three R rule system introduced to the general public to save nature. We must remember that nature has not been passed on to us by our ancestors, but nature is what we have borrowed from our upcoming generation. By following the three R rules, we can together create a better world for the upcoming generation. 

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