These are the happiest countries in the world in 2022

Are you curious about the happiest countries in the world? These are the happiest countries for 2022, according to statistics.
happiest countries 2022

There’s no denying it—everyone wants to live a happier life. But after a long day at work, can you really be expected to implement positive change? Luckily, there are countries out there that prioritize helping their citizens live better lives.

These countries have created programs like universal health care and subsidized education that make it easier for their citizens to thrive.

So if you’re considering moving abroad or want some inspiration for your life improvement efforts, take a look at these countries that are making strides toward happiness:

1. Finland

Finland ranks highly in the world for its standard of living and human development, as well as one of the highest levels of gender equality.

The nation has enjoyed high economic stability since World War II, with unemployment consistently under 6%. Finland’s national debt is just 35.1% of its GDP, far less than many other European nations.

Finland’s healthcare system is also ranked amongst the best in Europe and globally for its quality care services.

Finland has an extensive public transportation network that makes it easy to get around without relying on cars or taxis. This helps ensure a cleaner environment for everyone in Finland.

2. Denmark

Denmark is a very happy country. It has been ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world for many years. It’s easy to see why: Denmark has a high standard of living, a high life expectancy, and a low infant mortality rate.

Danes are known for their social protection programs that provide universal healthcare and education. While private businesses are important contributors to Denmark’s economy, Danes also enjoy free university tuition at public universities. This means there’s never any pressure to choose between your financial security or professional goals.

3. Iceland

Iceland is another country that ranks as one of the happiest in the world. The average temperature in Iceland is around 15.5 degrees Celsius, and its population numbers about 575 people per square kilometer. Life expectancy has increased from 77 years old for men and 81 years old for women in 2010 to 79 years old for men and 83 years old for women now.

The country’s low crime rate also contributes to its high happiness index. There were only 0.3 murders per 100,000 people last year compared with 3.6 murders per 100k across all OECD countries during the same period.

In addition to these factors contributing positively toward life satisfaction within Iceland’s borders, there are other factors why its citizens are happy. They have access to good healthcare services; they enjoy higher than average incomes relative to other OECD countries.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is consistently ranked one of the happiest countries in the world, and with good reason.

It has a high GDP per capita, a low unemployment rate, and high quality of life. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive places to live.

Nevertheless, its citizens enjoy high living standards. Some of its biggest cities ranks among Europe’s best places to live.

5. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is bordered by Belgium, Germany, and the North Sea. The country has a population of approximately 17 million people and a GDP of $49,510 (USD).

The country is known for its laid-back lifestyle and friendly people. Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in Europe.

In addition to being tolerant towards other cultures, Dutch people have also been recognized as some of the happiest citizens worldwide based on recent research conducted by the Gallup International Association.

6. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a tiny country with a population of 630,419. It’s about twice the size of Washington DC and has no natural resources. However, Luxembourg has an incredibly high GDP per capita—$135,682 (USD) in 2021 compared with the United States, $69,500 (USD).

The GDP per capita is an economic measure that describes how much money each person in a country makes annually if you add up all earnings across everyone living there.

Luxembourg also ranks third happiest among all nations on Earth according to Utopia Exchange’s annual report on happiness around the world. They cite factors like healthcare access and good education levels as contributing factors toward this ranking

7. New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country with a relatively small population and a strong economy. It has one of the world’s highest standards of living and is one of the happiest countries on earth.

Blanketed by lush rolling hills, New Zealand is also famous for its pristine beaches and lakes. The country’s clean air and water make it an ideal place to live if you’re concerned about climate change or pollution.

Due to its geographical location, New Zealand is often affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes or tropical cyclones.

What do these countries among the happiest in the world have in common

There are good reasons these countries are consistently happy. They have a strong sense of community and high trust in the government. They also have low levels of corruption in the institutional bodies, good healthcare systems, and high living standards.

The happiness of a country doesn’t just depend on the government or its economy. It also depends on the people and their culture.

People who are happy with their living standards and surroundings will be more willing to contribute to the well-being of others in the community. This is why the happiest countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland consistently rank at the top of any list that measures happiness.

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