The top 10 benefits of LED lighting

From cost savings to eco-friendliness, explore the top 10 benefits that light up a brighter future.

Starting from a school science exhibition project to the decoration of marriage halls, we can see the presence of LED lights everywhere. The full form of LED is a “Light-emitting diode”. LED lighting is widely used throughout the world for various functions, parties, decorations, and for aesthetic purposes.

Especially in India, LED lighting is the primary setup for any kind of event. Almost all the events have LED lighting in India. A well-researched study states that Asia is the highest LED manufacturing continent, and countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea are the best LED light manufacturers. 

LED lighting: what is it?

Light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LED lights, are small semiconductor devices that produce light when current flows through them. This happens when electrons inside the semiconductor combine with the electron-hole and release energy in the form of photons. 

Basically, these lights work on the principle of Electroluminescence. Unlike most other light-producing gadgets, LED lights do not necessarily emit only a single shade of color. It can be multicolored. There’s a scientific mechanism behind this interesting accomplishment of LED lighting. 

The color of the light in LED lighting is always determined by the amount of energy needed for electrons to cross the band gap of the semiconductor. In general, we see red, yellow, blue, white, and green LED lighting around us. However, there are also different shades of a parent color available in the market. 

LED lighting is one of the most beautiful ways to kindle the darkness of the night and enjoy the scenic beauty around. No person in his/her senses will deny witnessing the magic of LED lights. Festival seasons are incomplete when not wrapped by a loop of LED lights. During festivals, most of the houses radiate a vibrant aura because of these LEDs. 

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10 advantages of LED lighting

LED lighting has many proper advantages that will really make a person fall in love with it. LED lights have both scientific as well as eco-friendly advantages. Hence, there is no doubt why these are used so frequently over time. 

1. Lifespan

The very first and very important advantage of LED lights is their long lifespan. LEDs do not need consistent shopping. When compared to normal incandescent bulbs, LEDs stand far superior in terms of lasting. LEDs last forty times longer than incandescent bulbs, with an average lifespan of fifty thousand hours. 

2. Energy efficiency

The second best advantage of opting for LED lighting is its energy efficiency. Compared with the usual household lighting, if we substitute them with it, then almost 60-70% of energy can be saved. Energy conservation will directly benefit a person’s financial growth, too. 

3. Environment friendly

Improved Environmental Performance is another big advantage of LEDs. LED lighting is also the need of the hour as it is very eco-friendly. These diodes do not have any major effects on nature and can still serve at their full potential. They also do not need any special handling at the end of their lifespan, unlike other vapor lights.

4. Low temperature operation 

LED lighting can operate at low temperatures. Traditional lighting systems do not find a cold environment convenient enough. However, LEDs can still perform under this circumstance and are better by five percent, too. 

5. Heat resistance and UV emission

LEDs do not easily catch heat and have a very low UV emission rate. Generally, when someone touches an incandescent bulb just after it has gone out, their hands may feel very hot. However, LEDs do not heat up like that.

6. Design flexibility 

The design flexibility of LEDs is their biggest flex. As they are so small in build and not fragile, LEDs can be carried anywhere, and by joining them in a circuit, one can light up starting from a shop floor to a cricket stadium’s gallery. One can easily illuminate almost anything using a bunch of these diodes.

7. Instant lighting and frequent switching 

LEDs can be instantly switched on and off. These diodes can withstand frequent switching over a period of time, unlike other bulbs. Also, it is very instant; i.e., if anyone needs the light to come on quickly, LED lighting is the best available option. 

8. Low voltage

LED lighting can be possible even with a low voltage. When the power supply is not ample, other bulbs may not stay intact, but LEDs are still going to come in handy in such situations.

9. Dimming capability 

LEDs have dimming capabilities. It means they can perform quite well at almost any power percentage between five and a hundred. Unlike halide bulbs and a few others, LEDs do not always demand a smooth power supply and can adjust themselves to low power availability. 

10. Directionality

The last yet very important trait of LED lighting is its directionality. Other bulbs emit light and throw the beams in a 360-degree direction, which is why it is not possible to direct the beams at a precise location. However, LEDs throw light in a 180-degree direction, which makes it easier to illuminate a specific area of interest. 

These were the major advantages of LED lighting over the traditional lighting system. These facts clearly suggest going for LED lights when in need of beautiful indoor or outdoor illumination. 

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