The most requested professional profiles in Insurtech

Elizabeth Smith

Digital evolution is revolutionizing the insurance sector, generating new needs and requiring specialized skills in data management and analysis, cloud architecture and digital transformation projects.

The most requested professional profiles in Insurtech

Here are the most requested figures in Insurtech.

Data Manager

The Data Manager takes on a central role in the field of insurance innovation, guaranteeing the accuracy, accessibility and security of data, which are fundamental to ensuring the integrity and quality of the information on which business decisions are based.

Required skills include deep knowledge of databases, privacy regulations and data security. As well as problem-solving and team management skills.

Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect designs and oversees the company’s cloud architecture, ensuring that the solutions implemented are scalable, secure and efficient. Responsible for the transition of information systems to the cloud, offering flexibility and reducing operational costs.

Necessary skills include advanced IT, knowledge of cloud architectures (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and security best practices.

Data Analytics Specialist

Data Analytics specialists analyze large volumes of data to extract useful insights to support business decisions. The ability to interpret data and transform it into strategic information is essential to improve products, personalize offers and optimize processes.

Requires advanced skills in statistics, programming (Python, R) and data visualization tools such as Tableau or Power BI.

Warehousing & Business Intelligence Specialist

Professionals specialized in Warehousing & Business Intelligence manage the collection, organization and analysis of company data to provide insights and support strategic decisions.

Key skills include knowledge of SQL, and understanding of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) principles. As well as experience with BI platforms such as SAP Business Objects or IBM Cognos.

Project & Program Manager

Project and Program Managers guide digital transformation projects, ensuring compliance with set times, budgets and objectives.

Required skills include management, leadership, understanding of project management methodologies such as Agile or Waterfall, and communication and risk management skills.

This evolution creates new opportunities and requires adequate preparation to face the challenges of the insurance sector in the digital age.

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