The most in-demand occupations of the green economy


The climate crisis and increased awareness of environmental issues have put the green economy on everyone’s lips. This has stimulated the emergence of new professional skills that will be increasingly sought after by companies in the near future. But what will be the most in-demand occupations in times of green economy ? Let’s look at some of them.

Sustainable cook

Zero km, organic food and no waste. This is the philosophy of the sustainable cook, a profession on the rise in the restaurant industry.

To combat the waste of food resources and to rediscover environmentally friendly cooking, future chefs coming out of the hotel industry specialize in local cuisine and strictly zero-mile organic products, always combining them with creativity and imagination.

Green accounting specialist

Another professional figure that will be increasingly sought after in the near future is that of the specialist in green accounting. That is, able to express opinions and proposals related to energy sustainability in fiscal or financial matters.

A very important profession for companies that want to save money by focusing on energy efficiency, identifying the right strategies to adopt, while also taking advantage of the various incentives made available by the government.

Green mechatronics

Starting in 2023, mechanics and electricians will become “mechatronics” by law. Meaning that they will be able to combine electronics and mechanics from an environmental perspective, with the goal of creating increasingly energy-efficient engines.

A professional who will be able to intervene at every stage of the process, from design to production.

Environmental computer scientist

A figure is needed in the IT field with the goal of optimizing the consumption of multimedia service management. In general, it should be noted that the advent of 5G will further increase the use of audiovisual communications.

This will inexorably increase the importance of home energy efficiency, including in the Internet of Things.

Installer of efficient electrical grids

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important and valued, both in the home and in business, and one of the most in-demand professions is the installer of networks capable of harnessing renewable energy.

For those who want to specialize in this job, it is necessary to stay up-to-date on technological innovations related to sustainability in order to be able to constantly improve the different stages of energy production.

Energy engineer

Still talking about energy efficiency, one of the most in-demand figures in the industry is that of the energy engineer.

A professional working in the field of renewable energy who specializes in energy optimization for the various load-bearing sectors of a country, from industry to agriculture or transportation.

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