The drone light shows trend is gaining pace and getting popular

Drone light shows combine technology and artistry, orchestrating synchronized aerial displays with hundreds of drones, creating dazzling spectacles of light and motion. Explore this captivating innovation in our overview.
drone light show

Technological marvels, drones are intricate machinery programmed to perform complex tasks and drone shows are the most complex and elegant of all. To put it simply, drone light shows are a noiseless way of enjoying the lit-up sky without all the unpleasant and loud sounds disturbing one’s peace.

Drone shows are a sophisticated way of showcasing aerial performances that utilise pre-synchronized and practised moves of arranging themselves into unique formations. 

Drones, now, are not just limited to scientific purposes and capturing aerial shots from the above. Long ago, they used to act as a tool to achieve objectives in university labs, but now people have popularized them for use in unique ways. Drones are present in every event today from the Olympics to the Super Bowl.  

What is a drone show?

Drone shows are airy performances that adhere to computer programs which help change graphics into flight commands and direct them to the drone. The popular movie Terminator popularized the idea that artificial intelligence does not power drones.

They are brilliant tools made to follow commands and possess no self-awareness whatsoever. People witness the beautiful drone light shows at night, and its operators completely control the event.

They make drone light shows to imitate or recreate all types of images in the night sky. Drone shows can be a breathtaking experience to witness for the first time. A huge amount of effort goes behind making these shows possible.

The drones in these light shows are exclusively engineered for this purpose; they do not have cameras. They make up amazing digital art, manifesting intricate and attractive visuals to their audience. 

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How does a drone show work?

In the previous section, engineers with intricate planning make drone shows to follow specific commands. The design team initiates the process by creating a story/vision and timeline for the event (which includes images to be showcased).

The software takes care of the next process, which animates and develops flight paths accompanied by music or a song.

The pilot operates the completed shows by sending them to the drones through radio signals. After examining the whole thing and approving it, the pilot sends the show to the stars and the skies to do their magic.

An intense and cunning engineering mind makes intricate pieces of machinery for drones. Some drone manufacturers enable a feature that users can utilise to select the type of graphics they prefer. This feature is very much similar to the benefits found in video editing software. 

Seasoned pilots who have hands-on experience in 3D animation work with utmost hard work to get the best immersive experience for the audience. Drone light shows require in-depth planning and the right type of execution. In fact, without proper, step-by-step planning, drone shows won’t stand a chance to be a success. 

How much does a drone show cost

As useful and attractive as drone shows are, they are still in the midst of getting popular. Predictions indicate that the demand for them will increase in the future, but that change is already taking place. Numerous organisers and sponsors in the world prefer to have drone shows in their events. The cost for these drone shows is wholly dependent on numerous factors, which often fluctuate. 

Factors like budget, features and preference come to play a vital role in determining the budget.

The pricing also depends on the scale of the events. For smaller events, drones come with a compact and simple display. On the contrary, large events like concerts, music festivals, corporate conventions, etc., need bigger, high-performing drones. Just like any other product, quality plays a significant role here. 

According to a Drone Automation Company- Virgo Areo– the cost of drone shows typically ranges between $50,000- $200,000, depending on the above-mentioned factors. However, expecting a direct quote might not do much, as those quotes exclude travel expenses, set-up prices and insurance. In addition to that, specified preferences by the artists will lead to a surge in the charges. 

The future of drone shows

The initial drone shows had a simple set of graphics that controlled the transition from one to the next. As the technology and design tools began to improve, drones these days are going above and beyond. They now have the power to perform powerful moves and intricate functions that were only imagined a few years back.

Presently, drone shows are breaking boundaries and experimenting with the possibilities. The designers, engineers and other contributors keep trying out new ways to get them even better and ready for the future. Many academic fields are already utilising drones in the most advantageous way possible; they are getting the most out of them. 

Likewise, the entertainment, business and sports world will also get the best out of these drone shows. As people become more sensible about how they contribute to the environment, drone shows might permanently take up the place of fireworks for the better. The future is drones. 

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