The cheapest drones for taking photos and videos under $100

Elizabeth Smith

The universe of drones is rapidly expanding and is no longer the exclusive domain of enthusiasts with large budgets or professionals in the field. In this article, we will explore the cheapest drones on the market for under 100 dollars, providing a comprehensive guide for your pre-Christmas shopping or to take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday deals.

The cheapest drones under $100

The art of flying has never been so accessible: drones under 100 dollars are not simplistic toys as you might expect, but real hi-tech devices capable of delivering thrills and memorable shots at high altitude.

That is why we advise you, should you decide to buy one of these little gems, to take out drone insurance to protect your investment. We have selected for you a list of the best drones in this price range, evaluating features, functionality and design to help you make the right purchase.

1. Potensic A20

Price: ca. $40

Ideal for those taking their first steps into the world of drones, the Potensic A20 stands out for its affordability and ease of use. This small drone is offered by a brand known for its activity in the industry, and is enticing especially for its competitive price.

The three batteries included in the offering allow for a decent flight time, between 15 and 20 minutes, which is more than enough for short but satisfying flight sessions. In short, perfect even for a beginner.

The simplified remote control, with features such as automatic takeoff and landing as well as three different speed settings, makes the flying experience intuitive and stress-free.

In addition, the altitude hold feature is a feature usually reserved for higher-end models, which is offered here to improve stability and control.

2. Holy Stone HS420

Price: ca. $60

The Holy Stone HS420 drone champions smart, safety-oriented design, ideal for younger audiences or parents concerned about the safety of their children struggling with their first drone.

Its structure is specially designed to protect the propellers, thus reducing the risk of damage from accidental contact, both to the environment and to the drone itself.

Safety does not preclude technology, as this model is equipped with a 720p camera that offers a first-person flight experience, increasing immersion and fun.

Additional functions, such as circular flight and automatic rotation, are nice features that enrich the user experience, allowing for more complex and spectacular maneuvers.

Although the range is rather limited, located around 5-6 minutes per battery, the provision of two batteries helps to prolong the fun without the need for excessive charging time.

3. Deerc D10

Price: ca. $100

With an affordable price tag of just around $100, the Deerc D10 proves to be an attractive option for those seeking a good balance between advanced features and low financial investment.

Control via remote control is intuitive and allows the drone to be flown up to a respectable range of a hundred meters, and a maximum altitude of 80 meters. The three-level speed dial provides granular control over flight speed, adapting to both beginners and experienced users.

The presence of preset flight modes enriches the user experience. Thus allowing evolutions and circular movements to be performed with ease. As well as maintaining a stable altitude-a feature that relieves the pilot of the burden of constantly having to adjust altitude.

The wide-angle camera, with a wide 120-degree angle and manual adjustment capabilities, is adequate for those who wish to capture landscapes or take aerial shots with acceptable quality.

Its small size and light weight make it particularly suitable for flights in minimal wind conditions, where it can express its full potential. The dual camera equipment is a notable strength for this price range. The 1080p front-facing camera allows good quality images to be transmitted to the smartphone.

The package includes two batteries, extending the flight experience to about fifteen minutes total, a duration that can be considered standard in the budget drone category.

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