The 7 best universities where you can study Artificial Intelligence

Discover the leading institutions shaping future AI talent. Our guide highlights the top 7 universities at the forefront of teaching artificial intelligence, ensuring a comprehensive and informed educational journey.
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With AI topping the chart of trends every single minute, its dominance in the field of technology jobs is no big surprise. You would be surprised to know that a report by the World Economic Forum claims that “AI specialist” is going to be the next most sought-after job in the near future. Not just this, its employment rate is expected to rise by 39% within a span of five years. 

But are AI courses and certifications available in the market? If yes, what are the top universities offering AI courses and certifications?

1. Carnegie Mellon University 

The School of Computer Science in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, under this US-based university, took the first step in offering a Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence in the U.S. 

The two major degrees offered by the university in the field of AI are a BS in Artificial Intelligence (BSAI) and an MS in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation (MSAI). Besides this, it also offers minors in the same field. 

These programs and degrees are interdisciplinary. It distributes its focus on various disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, machine learning, ethics, computer science, computational modeling, symbolic computation, social responsibility, etc. The institution also has an acceptance rate of 17%. 

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

Did you know that MIT started its Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1959? Adding to your surprise, it boasts of owning some of the largest MIT laboratories. 

Since 1861, this technology-based university has been providing its resources to the ever-rising industrial needs and demands of America. The programs and degrees offered by the university in the field of AI are BS in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

Besides, it also offers online self-paced courses such as Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy. However, the acceptance rate of MIT is 7%. 

3. University of California-Berkeley 

With an acceptance rate of 14%, the University of California, Berkeley ranks second in the list of top universities offering AI courses within North America and the USA. 

The programs and courses offered by the university in the field of AI include: 

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy
  • Computational Imaging
  • Robotic Manipulation and Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence Business Strategies and Applications

The institution also has the famous Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research lab, which brings together graduate students and faculty members. They collaborate to discuss various related themes such as computer vision, natural language processing, human-compatible AI, etc. 

4. Stanford University  

Stanford University is first in the list of top universities offering AI courses and certification in North America and the USA. The university has its own AI laboratory, with researchers working there since 1962

With an acceptance rate of 5%, the university offers degree programs such as: 

  • B.S. in Computer Science
  • M.S. in Computer Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence
  • Graduate Certificate in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

The university also offers electives in subjects such as computational logic, robotics, etc. Students can also study artificial intelligence as a minor in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Besides, it also offers major courses in the field, such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, etc.

5. University of Oxford 

University of Oxford tops the list of universities offering AI courses in the UK and Europe. Founded in 1096, it’s well known for its doctoral program in the field of computer science, which also includes AI majors.

The AI courses offered by the University of Oxford are the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme and Technology and AI Online Courses. With an acceptance rate of 18%, Oxford is also extending its research operations in White-box Self-Programming Mechanisms. 

6. Harvard University

Harvard offers various AI-focused online courses covering topics like machine learning and embedded systems. Not just this, Harvard is integrating artificial intelligence into education, exploring ways to teach computer science using AI tools.

Harvard advises on adjusting teaching methods to accommodate AI challenges and opportunities. It also conducts AI research across disciplines like computer science, public health, medicine, law, policy, and business.

Harvard experiments with AI-driven instruction in its introductory coding course, aiming for personalized learning and improved student-teacher ratios. 

7. Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University (SMU) offers comprehensive artificial intelligence and computer science programs. This includes online AI boot camps with interactive virtual classes, specialized bachelor’s and master’s programs in computer science, and graduate-level AI studies. 

Besides, it also introduced ChatGPT, an AI chatbot by OpenAI, aiding faculty in course structuring, creating assignments, and improving instruction quality. 

Are you planning for a career in Artificial Intelligence? If yes, we hope you found this list helpful. Being a newly developed technology, other renowned universities are also working on adding it to the curriculum.

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