The 5 best laptops in 2022

Despite the widespread adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, there are still occasions when a traditional computer, and for most people, that means a laptop.  There's just no substitute for a powerful laptop computer when it comes to schoolwork, officework, and things like spreadsheet creation
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Despite the widespread adoption of mobile devices, there are still occasions when a traditional computer, and for most people, that means laptops. 

There’s just no substitute for a powerful laptops when it comes to schoolwork, officework, and things like spreadsheet creation and video editing.

This difficulty increases when trying to determine which options are actually the best. Many 2021 models have been refreshed for 2022, with updates to include Intel’s, AMD’s, and Apple’s M2 processors. Here are the best laptops of 2022, broken down by operating system, brand, category, and price range.

Overall best laptop is: Apple MacBook Air M2

Apple’s MacBook Air M2 is, hands down, the most impressive laptop you can buy at this price point. The new M2 microprocessor provides superb performance, the screen is brighter and larger, and the battery lasts for more than 14 hours. In addition, the new Air has a higher resolution 1080p webcam and supports MagSafe power. Everything is compact and stylish, saving space by 20%. 

The entry-level model costs $1,199 and has 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage space, an 8-core central processing unit, and an 8-core graphics processing unit. The 512 GB SSD upgrade will cost you an additional $320, but it will significantly increase your laptop’s longevity.

You won’t find many other devices that offer the same level of portability together with as powerful processing capabilities as this small and light gadget. Apple’s M1 MacBook Air is still for sale despite the fact that it was introduced in the year 2020. If the M2 MacBook Air is too expensive, the M1 model is a good alternative.

2. Apple MacBook Air M1

Even though the Air is out of most people’s cost range, Apple will keep selling the 2020 M1 MacBook Air, so there is still an option for those who need a portable Mac. Eight gigabytes of RAM and 256GB of storage space come standard in the $999 base model. 

The 13.3-inch display, 720p webcam, scissors switch keyboard, Touch ID, and fingerprint sensor are all features of the original Air. It may not be quite as fast as the M2, but the M1 is still a lightning-fast machine. Also, the battery life isn’t quite as satisfactory as the M2, but it’s close. It’s a minimum of eight hours and up to ten hours of nonstop labor.

3. Dell XPS 15

Currently, the perfect Windows laptop is the Dell XPS 15. It’s sleek, thin-beveled significantly enhances the display shine while still providing enough power for most daily tasks. Neither revolutionary nor novel, this laptop falls short in both categories. Besides its improved inner workings, it is absolutely similar to its predecessor. 

The latest Dell XPS 15 notebooks are equipped with Intel Core processors from the 12th generation and Windows 11 as standard. The Nvidia 30 series GPU is found in premium builds. A 3.5K OLED touch display is available on a Dell model, just like on last year’s version. 

This laptop is not only fantastic for general use but also holds its own as a gaming rig. However, its high cost cannot be denied in light of its outstanding functionality. You can pretty much throw anything at it and it will survive. 

For quite some time, people have considered Dell’s XPS laptops to be the best of the best when it comes to mobile Windows computing.

4. HP Pavilion Aero 13

HP’s Aero 13 offers a lot for its price. All of this while only weighing 2 pounds and boasting a magnesium-aluminum chassis, fast processing, a long battery life, a vivid, colorful display, and a pleasing to the eyes design (0.94 kilograms).

Surprisingly, for all that it does and provides, the price is reasonable. It has a list price of $800 but is frequently discounted to under $200. The HP Pavilion 14 is a great option if you’re looking for a larger laptop with more features.

5. Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 7

If you need a laptop for work or school, look no further than this lightweight convertible. It has a responsive, smooth, precision touchpad, a comfortable keyboard, and an all-metal chassis that gives it a high-end look and feel.

While it lacks many of the premium features of its more expensive sibling, the Yoga 9i, it does come with Lenovo’s trademark sliding shutter for the webcam, allowing for discreet video calls when desired. Plus, it has a very long battery life of 12 hours and 45 minutes. You can get the newest model with an Intel 12th-generation processor for less than a grand.

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