USA 2024, Trump and Biden lead on Super Tuesday’s primaries

Elizabeth Smith

In the US, President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump dominated primaries from coast to coast on Super Tuesday in which voting was held in 15 states and one territory. At this point, a rematch between the two in November is practically certain.

While the pressure is growing on Trump’s last great rival, Nikki Haley, to leave the Republican race. Biden and Trump won in California, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Maine, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota and Massachusetts. Haley’s only victory was in Vermont.

The results of Super Tuesday

For Donald Trump the victory is overwhelming but not complete. Nikki Haley prevents him from “striking” by surprisingly winning the liberal Vermont, his second success after the capital. And for now he isn’t giving up, continuing to attract a hard core of moderate or independent voters who could compromise Trump’s chances of victory in the general elections, especially in some swing states.

Biden also lost a round, foundering in the Samoa caucuses, defeated by an unknown local candidate, the entrepreneur Jason Palmer. The president then found in the polls of some states, such as Minnesota, the protest of the Arab vote for support for Israel despite the “genocide” in Gaza.

For the rest, Super Tuesday goes as expected, with Trump and Biden grabbing almost all of the delegates up for grabs, around a third of the total. Including the richest spoils, those of California and Texas, the two most populous states in the country.

Not just presidential primaries on Super Tuesday

Although much of the attention has been on the presidential race, there were also other important electoral contests on “Super Tuesday.”

In North Carolina, in the primaries for the office of governor, the Republican lieutenant governor Mark Robinson and the Democratic attorney general Josh Stein prevailed, and in November they will face each other in a state that is decisive for the presidential race.

In California, voters were asked to choose contenders for the senatorial seat held for years by Dem Dianne Feinstein, who passed away last year. While in Los Angeles the position of attorney general was up for grabs.

The reactions of Trump, Biden and Haley

Donald Trump was very satisfied with the results. “They call it Super Tuesday for a reason, it was a terrific evening,” he said. “I did something no one had done before in history.” Then he prophesied that the Republican Party “will soon be reunited,” increasing pressure for Nikki Haley to leave the race.

Nikki Haley indirectly responds to the Republican Party Donald Trump’s call for unity by claiming that “unity is not achieved by simply saying ‘we are united'”. In a campaign statement after the Super Tuesday results, the former UN ambassador underlines that “there remains a large group of Republican voters deeply concerned by Trump”.

A second Trump presidential term in the White House would mean a return to “chaos, division and darkness“, says a written statement released overnight by US President Joe Biden. “Four years ago, I ran because of the existential threat that Donald Trump posed to the America we all believe in,” says the note.

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