Stock market, which sectors will be protagonists in 2024?

Elizabeth Smith

The wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, together with tensions on energy markets, rising inflation and the specter of recession in Europe, have made 2023, from the perspective of the economy and financial markets, the year of uncertainty. This ended up influencing the performance of various economic sectors, not that of Artificial Intelligence which will probably remember 2023 as its golden year.

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But will new industries emerge in 2024 capable of replicating the success of the race towards artificial intelligence that we witnessed at the beginning of 2023?

According to analysts at Freedom Finance Europe, the technology landscape is constantly evolving and new industries can emerge rapidly.

Spatial computing

The concept of “spatial computing” is broad and includes various technologies such as augmented reality
, virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us. And, they are already being used in a variety of industries including gaming, medical and manufacturing.

Apple can lead the way in spatial computing. According to some reports, Apple is investing heavily in spatial computing and is apparently developing its own AR/VR headset. If Apple managed to bring this product to the market, it could trigger a new wave of interest in space computing.

Spatial computing is one of the sectors that is attracting more and more attention: witness Apple’s introduction of the Apple Vision Pro, the first spatial computer, scheduled for release in 2024. This device aims to easily connect digital content with the physical world through a completely user interface
three-dimensional controlled by the eyes, hands and voice of the user. This is a significant step towards a future where digital interaction will be more engaging and intuitive.

Electric vehicle infrastructure, a $7 billion market

Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is also showing significant growth. For example, the heavy-duty electric vehicle charging infrastructure market is expected to be worth just under $7.4 billion in 2024.

Additionally, by 2030 , energy demand for charging electric vehicles could reach 53 billion kilowatt hours, a value that indicates the high growth momentum of this sector.

Web 3 emerging in 2024

In addition to space computing and electric vehicle infrastructure, there are a number of other areas where new industries could emerge in 2024. One example is Web3, a new vision of the Internet based on blockchain technology that has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including finance, social networking and gaming.

Synthetic biology “on fire”

Quantum computing could also innovate in drug discovery, materials science and finance. Another potential boom is evident in synthetic biology.

This is a field of biological engineering that enables the creation of new useful biological systems and which has the potential to transform many industries, such as medicine, agriculture and energy.

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