SGS announces the strategic agreement with MCADV

Elizabeth Smith

SGS & Partners Limited (SGS) is pleased to announce a strategic agreement with Matteo Colafrancesco Tax and Legal Advisor (MCADV) as to foster professional synergies in their respective areas of expertise, with a focus on international reorganizations and cross border transactions.

Who is SGS & Partners

It is an independent chartered accountancy firm based in London providing corporate & tax assistance and advisory for UK expatriates, companies, financial intermediaries and international investors.

The strategic agreement with Matteo Colafrancesco

Matteo Colafrancesco has a degree in law in Italy and is qualified to practice as “fiduciario commercialista” in Switzerland. He has more than 20 years of experience in corporate taxation, VAT, finance transactions, and international tax planning for corporate and private clients, both in Italy and Switzerland. Moreover, he shares with SGS the same professional approach based on independence, competence, and flexibility.

Specifically, Matteo will join SGS as “Special Counsel – Italy and Switzerland Business Desk” where he will be responsible for supporting SGS in its growth process in international markets and in particular in Italy and Switzerland. At the same time, SGS & Partners will benefit from MCADV’s experience in Switzerland.

It is with great pleasure that we start this strategic agreement that allows us to integrate SGS’s skills with those of MCADV, enhancing the professional offer of both firms. Matteo will also help us, thanks to his “proximity”, in developing professional relationships in Switzerland and Italy” – (

Gabriele Schiavone, managing director of SGS & Partners

This strategic agreement – says Matteo Colafrancesco – allows MCADV to take advantage of SGS’s expertise in the London market: moreover I am glad to support SGS in their cross border activities” (

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