Rishi Sunak is the richest PM ever: he is richer than King Charles

Rishi Sunak is the richest PM ever: his wealth exceeds that of the British Crown. How did he earn such a fortune?
sunak richest pm ever

The former Finance Minister is the successor to Liz Truss and is the richest PM ever: his wealth exceeds that of the British Crown. How did he earn such a fortune?

Rishi Sunak is the man of the moment, not only because he has just obtained the title of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, following the resignation of Liz Truss, but also because he is the first citizen of Indian origin to hold the prestigious post.

There is another detail that has drawn the media’s attention to him: the immense wealth he has accumulated over the years, such that it exceeds that of the British royals. To put it briefly, Sunak is richer than his neighbours at Buckingham Palace.

Many wonder how he has accumulated such wealth, between investments and luxurious properties around the world.

The richest PM: Rishi Sunak’s immense wealth is twice that of King Charles III

Rishi Sunak’s election is a moment to be recorded in the history books: for the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, a man of Indian origin was elected. And this is not the only record: for the first time, the premier is richer than the royal family.

According to British sources, his fortune amounts to 730 million pounds, practically double that of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. It is impossible not to wonder where this incredible wealth comes from, even considering his young age. The new premier is in fact only 42 years old.

Sunak is the son of Indian parents who emigrated to the UK from East Africa. In 2009 he married Akshata Murty, also an Indian and the daughter of a Banglore tycoon. It would appear that his vast fortune is derived from dividends from his in-laws’ company, Infosys.

Villas worth millions: Sunak’s real estate fortune is also remarkable

As the British tabloids report, Sunak has never tried to hide his wealth; on the contrary, he has a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. An attitude that, as he himself declared, serves to demonstrate the success of an Indian man who is the son of immigrants.

The Prime Minister loves to wear designer, high-fashion and very expensive clothes and lives in luxurious residences with all possible and imaginable comforts.

The main residence in London is reportedly worth over £7 million while the ‘second home’, where he spends weekends with his family, in Yorkshire is worth over £2 million with a swimming pool, yoga centre, hot tubs and tennis courts.

According to “The Guardian’, the running and maintenance costs of such a facility are very high: for the swimming pool alone, the Sunak family would spend more than £14,000 a year.

In short, the dwelling traditionally assigned to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing street is decidedly more humble.

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