Protests and riots against the police: nearly one week of chaos in France after killing of teenage boy

The riots and protests against the police and the state do not subside in France.
protest france nahel

It is now total chaos in France. In the country, the riots and protests against the police and the entire French state have not subsided following the death of Nahel, a 17-year-old boy killed in Paris by the armed forces during a detention.

The episode constituted a real fuse for the explosion of an unstoppable wave of violence that has swept across the entire nation in recent days.

The episode of Nahel’s death

Very close to the Pablo Picasso district of Nanterre, a city to the west of Paris, the terrible episode concerning Nahel took place on 27 June. The 17-year-old boy, who lived in the area with his family, was stopped by the police while riding in a car.

At that point, with Nahel still inside his car, one of the officers allegedly threatened the boy with a shot to the head by pointing the firearm at the young man behind the wheel. Hence the latter’s subsequent reaction, who decided to resume driving and was shot in the chest by the policeman.

At an early stage, the police officers had attempted to resort to the path of self-defence by stating how the boy’s car was running dangerously in their direction. This version, however, was immediately contradicted by a video that quickly made the rounds of the web. The victim’s mother’s lawyers therefore filed two complaints. One for voluntary manslaughter and complicity in voluntary manslaughter, and another for forgery.

The perpetrator of the fatal gunshot is currently in custody and is being investigated for voluntary manslaughter, with French President Emmanuel Macron himself showing disbelief, saying that nothing can justify the death of the young man.

Protests against the police: what is happening in France

The unjustified killing of 17-year-old Nahel triggered a frightening outbreak of violence throughout France. Violent clashes have taken place and are still taking place throughout the French nation. Not only in Nanterre but also in Paris itself as well as in many other cities.

An inexplicable death. Which unfortunately followed many other episodes of this kind that occurred especially in the suburbs of French cities. The memorial march in Nahel’s honour organised by the boy’s mother also ended in violence.

An unauthorised demonstration was dispersed in Paris. While other clashes between police and demonstrators also took place in Rue de Rivoli. The situation was identical in the city of Lyon, where several shops were looted in the course of last night. And, in the city of Grenoble, where several masked youths attacked and destroyed several shops. Riots also took place in Marseille, where a bank branch and a Sephora shop were targeted.

Unfortunately, the clashes seem destined to continue. With the number of people arrested during the night reportedly rising to around 1,000 for the time being. Add to this the approximately 80 injured police and gendarmes, the 1,350 vehicles set on fire, and the almost 250 buildings damaged or destroyed.

Protests in France: another victim

In the night between Thursday and Friday, another young protester died in Petit-Quevilly in Normandy. This was reported by Le Figaro. According to which a young man in his twenties died after falling from a supermarket roof during a looting incident.

The news is still fragmentary at the moment and will certainly be updated in the course of the next few hours.

Unrest in France: Macron’s appeal

Tension and concern, in these frantic hours, are obviously very high. Macron’s early departure from the European summit in Brussels also bears witness to this. These are some of the statements made by the French president, who strongly urged parents to keep their children indoors during these hours:

“In this context, we ask all parents to take responsibility. The context we are experiencing is the result of organised and equipped groups, but also of many young people. One third of those arrested are young or even very young. So it is the parents’ responsibility to keep them at home, I appeal to the families’ sense of responsibility.”

Macron continued:

“Platforms and networks play very important roles. Requests will be made for the identity of those who use social networks to call for disorder. We will take several measures in the coming hours.”

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