OpenAI will launch its search engine: here is how it works

OpenAI is ready to launch its new search engine based on ChatGPT. In this way, it could undermine Google's hegemony which has lasted for many years. Here's how it will work and when the announcement will arrive.
open ai search engine

OpenAI is ready to launch its new search engine based on ChatGPT. In this way, it could undermine Google’s hegemony which has lasted for many years. Here’s how it will work and when the announcement will arrive.

How the new AI search engine works

According to Android Authority, the search engine developed by OpenAI will be hosted on the domain. At the moment, the site is inactive and only shows the wording “not found”, but it has been confirmed that the address is equipped with the SSL protocol, which guarantees an encrypted connection between the server and the browser, ensuring the security of user data. users.

A Reddit user went even further, saying that the launch of the page will be active from Thursday. OpenAI’s search engine is expected to be powered in part by Bing, effectively evolving “Browse with Bing,” the extension introduced last year that allows ChatGPT to connect to the internet, providing real-time responses.

At this point all that remains is to ask ourselves what the difference will be between ChatGPT and the new search engine, and this lies in the answers that the two software will be able to give to users. Using artificial intelligence, OpenAI’s search engine will be able to find, analyze and display third-party materials more accurately.

A very different approach compared to the answers provided directly by ChatGPT, which are mainly based on the algorithm’s training data.

A new threat for Google

At this point it seems clear that the announcement of the OpenAI search engine risks becoming a threat to Google, which has dominated the world of online searches for years now. 7

Currently, the US giant holds 83% of the market share in the web search sector, but in recent years it has seen increased competition from other platforms and tools based on artificial intelligence.

The spread of chatbots and integrated solutions, such as Microsoft’s Copilot for example, is calling into question its leadership. According to StatCounter, Google has lost 1% of market share over the last two years, while platforms like Bing and ChatGPT are seeing an increase in their presence.

In short, all that remains is to find out if this new search engine will have the long-awaited impact and if Google will be able to resist it while maintaining its hegemony.

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