All the nicknames that Donald Trump has given to his opponents

Elizabeth Smith

Donald Trump is not only famous for his judicial, economic and political affairs, but also for the nicknames he gives to his political opponents.

The former president of the United States of America, who today is trying to triumph in the primaries to obtain a second term in the White House, during his long career has attributed often funny and often offensive nicknames to many people, let’s find out some of them.

The five nicknames for Ron DeSantis

More recent nicknames include those given to his rivals during the primaries: Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. He came down hard on the first one since he gave him five very offensive and defamatory nicknames.

Ron DeSantis has been called: “Ron DeSanctimonious” (hypocrite), “Ron DeEstablishment“, “Ron DisHonest“, “Shoutdown Ron” (due to restrictive policies during Covid) and finally “Meatball Ron” given the Italian origins of the Republican candidate.

The offensive nickname given to Nikki Haley

Donald Trump was not even generous with Nikki Haley who was offensively called “Birdbrain“.

The candidate in the Republican primaries was insulted in this way by Tycoon because she did not want to withdraw her candidacy, unlike DeSantis, after the electoral defeat in New Hampshire.

The nicknames of the Democrats: Biden, Clinton and Obama

If Trump called his party rivals that way, he couldn’t help but give nicknames to his Democratic rivals too.

The current president of the USA is Joe Biden, who for the former occupant of the White House is “Sleepy Joe“. This nickname was born because Biden is often tired due to his age.

The other nicknames that Trump has used to address the US president are: “Slow Joe“, “SleepyCreepy Joe“, “Corrupt Joe”, “Beijing Biden“, “Crazy Joe Biden“, “Joe Crooked” and “Joe Hiden” .

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, for Donald Trump, was “the crazy one” or “the corrupt one“. The two nicknames were used by the Tycoon during the election campaign and he often addressed his rival in this way: “Crooked Hillary” and “Crazy Hillary”.

Barak Obama, unlike his other Democratic rivals, has received only one nickname: “Cheating Obama“. The lesser fury is given by the fact that Obama has never been a direct political opponent of Trump.

International leaders, entrepreneurs and the Coronavirus

International leaders who have received a nickname from Trump are: North Korean President Kim Jong Un, Canadian President Justin Trudeau and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The first, given his obsession with nuclear rockets and his short stature, was nicknamed “Little Rocket Man” or just “Rocket Man“. The second one was nicknamed “Justin from Canada“, which compared to the other nicknames is perhaps the least offensive. The third, finally, was nicknamed the animal: “Animal Assad“.

Donald Trump also used a lot of contempt in giving a nickname to Jeff Bezos, founder and key person of Amazon, who became “Jeff Bozo” (Jeff the fool).

For the Coronavirus, however, Donald Trump decided to use nicknames that risked sparking a diplomatic crisis despite the tensions between China and the USA already skyrocketing. Covid-19, in Trump’s language, is in fact: “China virus” or “Kung Flu“.

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